Grab This $24 Music Software Package For Free


I've written before about Forte Notation. It's a program which turns your PC into an electronic sheet of music paper (that stuff with rows of 5 lines on it). You can compose music, and listen to it, just by dragging and dropping notes into the correct place with your mouse. Keep dragging, and moving any note that doesn't sound right, until you end up with a tune you like.

Forte Notation has always been available as a limited-feature freeware edition. But until September 14th 2015, in order to celebrate half a million downloads, the company is now giving away full licences to the Basic edition. This normally costs $24, and has a number of features that the free version does not. You can export your composition as a wave file, for example, to play on any PC. And you can have more notes, verses, staves and so on.

To grab this $24 program for free, head to and enter your email address. You'll then receive a download link to the program, and a licence key (which you'll need immediately in order to install the program).

Forte Notation is a 45 MB download. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. I tested it on Windows 10 and it worked fine, though it did ask me to close the OneDrive application before the installation would commence. Once installed, I could restart OneDrive and all was well. You should be able to run the program on Windows 7 and above.

Even if you don't think you have an immediate use for the software, grab the installer and your free serial number now. You can then install it at your leisure.

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Tried & failed with two different email addresses. Never got a download link. Clicking on the emailed link just says "Your request could not be processed! A license for FORTE Basic has already been registered to your email address."

And you try to get to the "community" forum to see if other folks had problems and the link takes you to an htaccess login!

They certainly don't have things together. Sent them an email & will see if they respond.

NEVERMIND. Apparently the first email is just worded improperly. It's not a download link but just an email confirmation. They'll send you another email which does have a real download link and a key.

Couldn't get it to run under Wine/Mint. Thanks anyway; it looks very similar to MuseScore, which is free and open source, and was recently updated.

Thanks! This is a great program. Freebies as good as this are hard to find.

I'm curious to give this a try so I can compare it with Musescore which is a similar music program that I have used and enjoyed.