Got a child with an Android phone? Read this.


I don't normally write about mobile things, because there are other excellent places on this site where you can find lots of useful free stuff. But as you know, I'm a big advocate of sensible IT security and I regard parental control as an important part of that.

Parental control doesn't mean the same to everyone, and nor should it. Some parents are happy to allow their offspring to use the internet as they wish, unfettered and unmonitored. Some prefer to keep a discreet watch. Some prefer to install some formal parental control software on the kids' devices so that the material they see can be controlled and/or monitored. It's totally up to you which option you go for.

If your children have an Android-based smartphone, check out the useful web page at which contains some useful pointers to some of the best parental control apps for the platform. Most of them are free, or at least available as a free version.

There are 10 apps in all, each explained and reviewed in a straightforward way.

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Sometimes we all need something to complain about....

I gave you a brand new Ford
But you said, "I want a Cadillac"
I bought you a ten dollar dinner
And you said, "Thanks for the snack"

I let you live in my penthouse
You said, "It was just a shack"
I gave you seven children
And now you wanna give 'em back - B.B. King

Indeed there is nothing more annoying than hearing parents complaining about the lack of control on the web!!
They are no doubt the same ones that want nursery schools from earlier and earlier ages.
"I spanwned it, YOU look after it"