Google trends is now mesmerizing


Just what are people interested in *NOW*, in the world or just in your country. Well this may help you to find out.

Here are two top sites that I suggest you visit that will give you a excellent idea of what people are thinking of.

Google trends visualize. Topics jump and change according to what people are searching for. I found myself mesmerized. It is a unique and original way to see what’s going on.  I am sure it will give you some ideas. It is available here. Click on the top left for five by five and on the bottom for the country you are interested in and watch live as people there search. One problem with some countries is that it does not have an integration into google translate. I hope that comes soon.

Google hot searches show it to you in a daily summary form which I think you will find much easier to use but kind of boring after the previous example, it is available here.

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Thanks for finding the link. It is mesmerising, but a really neat thing is that you can test out is running trends over time. If I think engagement in the workplace is becoming a critical issue I can see how it's trended since 2005, thus proving or disproving the notion.

I have the Google trends app for my iPad and love it! Memorizing is a good word for it, I could stare at it forever. I'll def have to check these sites out, they look sweet.

Just makes me sad to see what the target of most searches are.
Although as my mate pointed out to me: Most of the Net activity is by "children - half a lifetime away from adulthood".
Numbers say it's true: av age 11, age of dawning reason: 22. It does fit!

Happy New Solstice to all! :-) :-)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Consider this. A big reason of google searchs is to check spelling. I have noticed on he page that there are no spelling errors, clearly Google is editing the results.

Yes I agree- this is a fascinating site, would be much better if translations were available
Great Stuff Thanks

Cool! Thanks!