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Take your favorite books with you on the go and personalize your reading experience


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Review & Alternatives: Best Free eBook Reader for iOS

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Offers a choice of Flowing Text and Scanned Pages; optional 3D Page Turn; and other common features - receive three free books when signed in.
Need a Google account to sign into the app.

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Google Play Books, formerly known as Google Books, is similar to Nook. You need a Google account to sign into the app. When you first sign in, you receive three free books. I'm not sure if it's different for everyone or the same, but the books I got were Wuthering Heights, The Three Musketeers, and Treasure Island: all good books in my opinion.

When you open a book, it shows the flip animation like iBooks does, so when you slide your finger the page turns. Called 3D Page Turn, you can switch it on or off. At the bottom it shows your progress, showing you what page you're on and how many pages are in the book.

In Settings, you choose between Day and Night (white and black, respectively); the typeface or font; text size; and line height. You can also choose between Flowing Text and Scanned Pages. This is very cool because when you choose Scanned Pages, it presents the pages as they would be in a paper book, which is something that none of the other apps did. Flowing Text is just the regular eBook view.

Google Play Books support the ePub and PDF formats.

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