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Google Fit

A fitness and health app to track your activities and workouts in one place


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Simple user interface, track walks, runs, rides and other activities in timeline and graph details, also serves as a platform for third-party apps and devices to connect.
Limited features, some third-party apps may not offer to connect to Fit.

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Google Fit, a health and fitness app developed by Google for Android devices, sports a clean and simple user interface to track your physical activity and workout.

As you walk, run or ride with an Android device in your pocket, Google Fit uses your device sensors to detect and records your activities with time, distance and steps taken as well as calories of energy burned.

You can easily set a goal to achieve with this app, like to be active 30, 60 or 90 minutes each day, or any other target you prefer.

Once set, and as you continue to use Fit, it gives you a timeline and graph details to show active time, distance or steps you've done, or active and inactive calories burned, in a day, week or month view.

Fit also provides a set of APIs for third-party apps and devices to connect. With your permission, the connected apps and devices can view and store activity, location and body sensor information. In this way, Fit is able to aggregate more information like heart beat rate, nutrition, sleep and weight from other apps and devices, and give a clear and comprehensive view of your fitness in one place. Unfortunately, one of the third party apps I used does not offer a connection to Fit.

From within the Fit app, you can also do away with connected apps and devices if you wish—go to Settings then “Google Fit data: Apps connected”, and tap the one you wish to disconnect.

Fit also has a web client at where you can view your progress in a web browser from a desktop computer, which is synced to Fit on your Android device with necessary censors to track and log activities.


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