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Google Drive

A reliable online office suite for storing, sharing and collaborative editing of documents


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Pages load faster then other office suites, very easy to use. Gmail integration.
Must convert all file types to google doc file type in order to edit them online.

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Google integrated their office suite into their online cloud storage called Google Drive. A generous 15GB of storage space is available (although shared throughout Google services - except Gmail) for saving files in the three main applications.

  1. Docs, a straightforward word processor with all the most commonly used features crammed into one single menu-bar. The interface is similar to the older pre-ribbon style menu, making it familiar for nearly everyone who uses it.
  2. Sheets, a spreadsheet application that can import all major formats including xls, xlsx, ods, csv, txt, tsv and tab. It does an excellent job of maintaining the original file formatting and cell formulas.
  3. Slides, a presentation application which allows creating and uploading of presentation files in popular format and allows importing of specific slides to help with organizing.

The great feature with Google Drive is the ability to store, share and collaborate on documents online. It also allows you to upload multiple files and multiple types quickly which automatically gets added it their native formats allowing sharing or importation to Google Drive directly.

Additionally, Google Drive has the function to translate the whole document to over 50 other languages, allowing a tranlated copy to be saved thus maintaining the integrity of the original document.

Besides using Google's office suite in a web browser, you will need Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides to install separately on mobile devices.

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