Google Drive


Google Drive

An established and well-known cloud service gives you a large amount of free storage


Our rating: 

License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Online Backup

Pros & Cons:

15 GB of Storage; Easy to install and use; Automatically syncs files.
No file encryption; All files have to be in the Google Drive folder.

Our Review:

Google drive now has 15 GB of online storage. It is not encrypted and you have to put all your files in the Google Drive folder on your PC. Google is an established company and 15 GB is a large amount of storage.

Google drive has the follow good features.

  • First, it available storage is a large 15 GB.
  • Second is the stability of the provider. Google is going to be around for a long time and cloud storage is a key company service.
  • Third, it is easy to use. Just go to your Google account (assuming you have one), and download the software.
  • Finally your documents are automatically synchronized.

Google Drive has two negatives: no security and files locations.

  • Your file are not encrypted locally before being uploaded to the cloud. Do not store files that you do not want others to be able to read. While it is not open to anyone on the Internet who doesn't have the password, law enforcement agencies can obtain copies of your files without your knowledge.
  • Another negative is your files have to be stored in the Google Drive folder. At first I thought this would be a problem, but after using the service there is no issue using the Google Drive folder for your files.

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