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Google Chrome

The most popular, fastest, secure and standards-compliant browser


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Supports multiple operating systems, frequent & silent updates, built-in flash and pdf viewer, large selection of extensions, cloud printing, now has a 64-bit Windows version.
Getting slower, newer version has some backward software compatibility.

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Google Chrome is the pre-eminent browser of this decade so far. It is generally the most popular, the fastest, the most secure, and the most standards-compliant. It is hard to see it losing its dominance as competitors have failed to gain any real advantage in the market and Chrome continues to be a very good product for users at all levels from novice to advanced.

As an integral part of Google's cloud syncing across multiple hardware platforms, Google uses it to distribute its applications and services to the world. Of course, if you use it, you lose your privacy and confidentiality because of Google's business model which leverages your personal information for commercial advantage. If you don't have a Google account and you don't ever want one then I'd suggest that you consider another browser.

The core of Chrome is its web engine which forms the basis for many alternative web browsers so you can get better privacy without sacrificing many of the other benefits. The Blink rendering engine is developed as part of the Chromium project and is accompanied by V8 a JavaScript Engine. The WebKit engine from which Blink is derived continues to provide the base for the mobile platforms where the Android and iOS versions are popular on tablets and mobile phones.

After installation Chrome opens with two tabs. The first tab provides a login screen in case you have a Google account which you can now create. Otherwise click "skip for now" to proceed. The window will show the New Tab which will provide links to other Google services like YouTube, Gmail and Google Docs. The second tab is called Getting Started. Getting Started is a good resource for learning more about Chrome's features. Simply click "learn more" on the Welcome to Chrome page.

Chrome has a large selection of extensions (like apps on a smart phone) to enhance the browsing experience. Chrome also has WebApps, programs that run within the browser instead of installing on the computer. Google has another feature called cloud print. Essentially if you have a printer that supports cloud printing at home or work, add a cloud printer to Chrome's advanced settings and you can print to the printer from Chrome. Have you heard of ChromeVox? An excellent text to speech feature for the visually impaired. ChromeVox is a Google extension that reads the text in any open tab in Chrome.

Long ago there was an issue with viewing some websites because they would only work correctly with Internet Explorer. Many corporate web developers have traditionally used Internet Explorer compatibility as the standard for developing their websites. That sort of problem is rapidly disappearing as more and more websites move to comply with global public standards. That means Chrome is increasingly a good choice for browsing commercial websites and a 'safe' choice for any user. I always have it installed and available on my systems.

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Chrome NO LONGER has a large selection of extensions! It has made that whole paragraph about how great the extensions are into fiction.

WORSE: Chrome ONCE Again has problems viewing web sites that other browsers have no problem with. Specifically, any sites with Silverlight, or Unity, or Java, or any of the OTHER Common web standards supported by NPAPI Plugins, are no longer viewable in Chrome.  And they are ALL recommending, right on their front pages, that you switch to IE11 Or Safari At ONCE.

I removed Chrome from my system: without NPAPI Plugins or JAVA it is useless and crippled. Time to re-rate this now failed and ONCE Useful Application ... isn't it?