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Google Calendar

Great accessibility across web browsers and mobile devices


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Available across browsers and devices without the need to download additional software.
Calendar can't be edited offline.

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Google Calendar is available across web browsers and via mobile devices with the Android or iOS app installed.

Although it doesn't have the most attractive interface, Google Calender is very much functional because of its great accessibility across multiple devices. After all, what is the use of a pop-up reminder for a dentist appointment on your PC at home when you are actually out and about. Hence a calender that is synchronized between your PC and mobile devices is a plus.

When offline, you are able to view and create events with the mobile app that will then synchronize with the online calender when you're connected to the Internet. To view the calendar offline on the PC, you will need to install the Google Calendar web app from the Chrome Web Store (see the web app link above). There is also an option to print the calendar.

You can use Google Calender in a web browser without the need to download anything. All you need is a Google account. In Google Calendar, you are able to set multiple reminders for an event for those who are as forgetful as me.

Another feature is the ability to create public events, for example a party. Straight from the calender you can send email invites to the event and also add the option for the guests to be able to see the guest list, event details and even an option to modify the event, which may come in handy when creating a group event.

Needless to say, Google calendar integrates well with other Google products such as Google+, Gmail, Contacts and more.

This Chrome extension Checker Plus for Google Calendar gives Google Calendar some extra functionality such as pop-up reminders with alarm sounds (a little like ReminderFox does in Firefox). It also has an option to give you notification on calendar reminders even when Chrome isn't running.

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