Gives you a good alternative with more features like Private Box, SMS blocker, backup and more.


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Pros & Cons:

Plenty of great features such as Private Box, SMS Block, Backup and Restore, plenty of themes and emoticons.
Added sponsored messages and other restrictions to the free version.

Our Review:

Better than the default SMS app that is pre-installed on your mobile, GO SMS Pro gives you a good alternative with more features.

Among the useful features, Private Box is a great helper which you don't usually find in other SMS apps to suit your privacy needs. Any incoming or outgoing SMS messages to a privacy contact are saved in a separate box which requires a password to access, providing an additional layer of protection to the messages.

Another feature SMS Blocker is easy to set up. You can manage your message blocker with a blacklist and a whitelist, using blocker keywords or only receiving SMS messages from your contacts.

If you have a same message that you need to send out to a contact in a fixed interval, you can schedule for it; or long press a conversation bubble and save it as one of your favorite messages in a folder for repeated use.

Using this superb app, you can backup SMS messages to and restore them from your device, Cloud or Dropbox.

Other commons features are not lacking such as personalized beautiful themes and a plethora of emoticons sufficient for messaging, but some advanced features, such as big MMS up to 20 MB file size and disabling sponsored messages, are not free.

GO SMS Pro was reviewed by on based on version 5.37.