A very lightweight Google calendar offline viewer


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Adds great offline functionality to Google Calendar.
Only works in conjunction with Google Calendar.

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GMinder is a reminder program that waits in your system tray and alerts you when you have an upcoming Google Calendar event.

Google Calendar is a good calendar and with its availability across devices. If you add an event or reminder to your PC version, it will be synced and added to your phone as well straightaway without you needing to do anything. It really makes life easier, but the fact that it has limited offline capability is a major drawback.

GMinder goes a long way to solve some of these offline issues. It is a very lightweight Google calendar offline viewer so the user can view all the Google calendars events offline.

While offline the user can also receive pop-up reminders with or without sound and configure how to be alerted. With GMinder the user can also add events or reminders when offline and when the GMinder has an Internet connection again it automatically adds the event to your online Google calendar which I think is really great.

GMinder is really easy to use just download it and add your Google user name and password and download your calendars. It supports multiple Google calendars too. With the options, the user can choose how many days ahead to download calendars and how often Gminder will refresh. In other words, how often it checks online for changes to your calendars.

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