Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick!


EaseUS EverySyncEverySync, from EaseUS, is a backup tool that makes it really easy to keep your important documents and other files safely backed up. It works by synchronizing one or more folders from your PC to another location automatically. Use it to copy files from one folder on your PC to another, for example, or between 2 PCs on your network. It'll even sync files to a remote server using FTP, so you could use it as a way of easily updating your web site.

Everything is automatic. Just specify 2 folders or server locations, and then tell the program whether you want to sync from A to B, or B to A, or in both directions. You can then specify when the copy takes place, or you can choose to have it happen completely automatically. In which case, as soon as one of the folders' contents changes, this will be recognised and the changes will be synced. So your backup is always totally up-to-date.

EverySync is a commercial product and costs $29.95. But I've arranged a special deal with EaseUS for readers of Gizmo's. Head to sometime during the next 2 days and you can get a licence key for this program completely free.

When you go to the page, you'll be asked to share it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Once you click one of the relevant buttons, your licence code and the download link will be displayed. Download the software and install it, then use your licence key to activate it. You now have unlimited use of the software, and can create as many different sync jobs as you like.

The EverySync installer download is around 25MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Remember, this is a special offer for Gizmo's readers so grab it while you can. EaseUS often gives away its disk partition management software via this site and others, but they never make EverySync available for free. Until now!

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When I went to the site, then only way I saw that MIGHT get me to the download was "learn more" link in the top left splash box About EverySync...and that takes you to ToDo Home product.

There are two ways you can get the license code and the download link. One is the way described in the article, that you have to share or like the software using any of the social media buttons on the RHS box of the EverySync splash box.

Another way is to wait for 80 seconds (the countdown is shown in the RHS box), after which the license code and the download link will appear. I have mentioned this in my comment below on this very page.

The download link they give does not work.

Try for a direct download link.

It worked for me.

Robert, you should probably mention that if people don't want to click on the social network buttons, they don't have to. If you wait for around 80 seconds, during which the clock counts down, the license code along with download link is shown in the RHS box.

Many people, like me, wouldn't like to click on any of the social networking site buttons. For them, this is a good alternative to get the license code, and download the software.

"Many people, like me, wouldn't like to click on any of the social networking site buttons."

Ditto, thanks Anupam.

Nice one Rob, well done.

I don't care for the social media buttons either, and don't use them. :)

I tried using this software and it took me a while to figure out how to setup multiple Sync Jobs. You actually have to run your first sync you create to get to the behind the scene interface. Doesn't appear to be a way of having the sync job only on demand rather than real time or scheduled.

If a modified file exists in the left and right hand directories of a 2 way sync, you will wind up with 2 files each with a number appended to the file the left and right hand directories.

If you haven't performed sync before, it will take a bit of time to learn how to do it. You have to set proper parameters, so that you don't end up with 2 files each in both directories.

I regularly use other Sync tools before to sync files between USB flash drives and computers. There are some utilities that will allow you to set up parameters to deal with conflicts. You can overwrite the older file with the newer file or just pop up a notification bar asking the end user what to do. Most of those syncing is done manually when I want to do it.

This tool is probably good choice for people who want a general set it and forget it sync tool though.

Question is will the installation key still work say you either reinstall Windows or get a new computer and want to transfer your apps over to the new computer?

I use FreeFileSync to sync my software collection on the computer and an external hard drive. It's a simple process and has to be setup for first use, after which it works fine without any input. I still do a manual check just to make it sure. FreeFileSync works great for me.

For this software, since a license code is being provided, I think it should work later too, when you reinstall Windows. That is my understanding though, and seems the likely thing. I might be wrong though.