Gizmo's Exclusive: Get This $29.95 Sync Tool Free If You're Quick!


EaseUS EverySyncEverySync, from EaseUS, is a backup tool that makes it really easy to keep your important documents and other files safely backed up. It works by synchronizing one or more folders from your PC to another location automatically. Use it to copy files from one folder on your PC to another, for example, or between 2 PCs on your network. It'll even sync files to a remote server using FTP, so you could use it as a way of easily updating your web site.

Everything is automatic. Just specify 2 folders or server locations, and then tell the program whether you want to sync from A to B, or B to A, or in both directions. You can then specify when the copy takes place, or you can choose to have it happen completely automatically. In which case, as soon as one of the folders' contents changes, this will be recognised and the changes will be synced. So your backup is always totally up-to-date.

EverySync is a commercial product and costs $29.95. But I've arranged a special deal with EaseUS for readers of Gizmo's. Head to sometime during the next 2 days and you can get a licence key for this program completely free.

When you go to the page, you'll be asked to share it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Once you click one of the relevant buttons, your licence code and the download link will be displayed. Download the software and install it, then use your licence key to activate it. You now have unlimited use of the software, and can create as many different sync jobs as you like.

The EverySync installer download is around 25MB and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Remember, this is a special offer for Gizmo's readers so grab it while you can. EaseUS often gives away its disk partition management software via this site and others, but they never make EverySync available for free. Until now!

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I can see how this could and can be useful to some, maybe many, but that's not my beef with it. My problem with this software is how it cements itself into the start menu without any way to get it out. This is not something I expect from a Software Vendor like Paragon. Uninstalled.

Maybe a dumb question but if I want to modify so it syncs one way (local to cloud) which way do I have to set the arrow? The choices are "Sync from right to left" and "Sync from left to right." It is not clear to me which is which and the on-line help documentation was no help.

If you hover over the mouse over the arrows it tells which arrow does what. There's also bi-directional sync, which will sync the file if anything is added to either one.

You can set up an one way sync this way:
In the left panel, pick the files you want to sync - presumably on your computer. Those would be the first ones you choose. When that's done, choose the location for the right handpanel -that's where you want those files to go. Then, choose the left to right option.

If you're familiar with drag and drop from one place to another using Window File Explorer, it's similar to that.

I am not familiar with this type of tool but I found this in the help section for another program. "Sync left-to-right: When turned on, the synchronize panel gets its Source path from the left (or top) file display and its Destination path from the right (or bottom) file display, even if the actual source/destination status of the two file displays is reversed. Turn this on to prevent accidentally performing a synch in the wrong direction. When this is off, clicking within the right (or bottom) file display may cause the synchronization to be performed in the opposite direction to what you expect unless you remember to click again on the left (or top) file display first. Of course, the difference matters most when doing a one-way copy". MC - Site Manager.

I just installed the free EverySync, on 11 September 2016
The download link is as described in this forum:
I didnt have to share information or news on social media, and I didnt have to provide an email address

Installation was easy, but my firewall informed me that three components wanted to connect to the internet, including the UserExperience application
The provided Licence Key does work, as long as you inform your firewall to allow the program to connect to the internet
I couldnt activate the program, until it is given total access to the internet
Obviously you can then adjust your firewall settings after EverySync installation if you need to

Disappointingly, rob's comment that "You now have unlimited use of the software, and can create as many different sync jobs as you like" is not correct
When you activate the software, this free EverySync version states "you can only set up ONE Sync task"

Did you opt out of the User Experience during installation?
As Rob says, the program says when you run it that you have to activate it before you can run more than one job at a time. The pertinent information is at the bottom of the screen when you first run the program.

If you read the screen, you'll notice that you can only set up one sync task UNTIL YOU ACTIVATE THE SOFTWARE. After which, you can set up as many as you like.

I successfully activated the software, and ensured my firewall allowed EverySync to connect to the internet, including the User Experience component
My apologies - the software does allow multiple sync tasks !
Once one sync task is set up, other sync tasks can be set up as well
All the Sync tasks are all shown on the left panel, as illustrated in the provided screenshot above
I hope others have learnt from my experience !
Thank you for this free software offer

I note a different website, previously also had a Everysync 'free offer'
However for that other offer, the company only offered a restricted 1 year licence:
"Normally, a key costs XXX. Each license has a 1-year availability, works for 1 PC and must be activated before (date). It applies to free minor software updates (not major)."

Question - What are the conditions of this free offer ?

Is this free offer with techsupportalert also limited to 1 year ?
If that is the case, then I cannot participate, I only install programs that I can rely on for the long term

The download link is in a weird format and doesn't look like a normal link. It should look like:

My 1st contribution to the group. I have been using the free Microsoft tool called SyncToy v2.1(x64). The last build was2009. I have been very please with it's porformance and easy of use. So my question for the more experienced here is, what if any advantages are in this offering that would entice one to jump ship to this product? Thanks in advance.

This is where the Users Guide is located:
EaseUS EverySync User Guide -

I downloaded EverySync because I like other products of Easesus, such as the partition manager and the backup and restore tool. However, it seems to me that EverySync is much less sophisticated than the tool I have used for years, Syncback Free. Just compare the "Properties" page of ES and the "Modify" one (in the expert mode) of SB. Moreover I get a failure message without any explanation.
Anyway I thank you very much Gizmo's for their very useful work and messages.

Syncback Free doesn't have the FTP transfer option (at least I didn't see it on their site). Beside that, you are correct, both are decent sync tools.

In the Modify / Settings page (expert mode) of SB free, there is an FTP section, which is not greyed when I signal that a folder files are on an FTP server. However, I did not test it, since I have no FTP transfer to do.

I've been using SyncBack Free for years. It works both ways via FTP.

I haven't used EverySync but recent problematic upgrades to Easeus Partition Master, which I had also been using for years, have made me very suspicious that Easeus have migrated to the dark side(!) and I have abandoned it in favour of Minitool Partition Master.

I would wholeheartedly recommend SyncBack Free which does a first-class job without nags or unwanted intrusions into the user's privacy.

The link at easeus just takes you to a free trial, yes, I did click on the right link.

I think you clicked on an incorrect link.

When you visit the page, there is a big box in the left hand side, titled EaseUS EverySync 3.0, marked as Free. Besides that box on the right, is another box, saying "This content is locked", and features several buttons for social networking sites, and also a small countdown timer on the bottom right. Either click on any social media button, or wait for 80 seconds, after which the license code, and the download link will appear in the box, with other details.

I had an issue with the link.....using a Chrome based browser, I highlighed the link and then used my mouse to right click the link. In the context menu, I chose the Go to option. It opened this link in a new tab:
which threw out this error message:
This site can’t be reached
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Didn't have that problem in Firefox. Highlighting the link in Firefox and choosing Open link or Open link in new tab started the download dialog box.

This link that dwainwood posted worked to start the download process in a Chrome based browser:

I'm just sayin'. :)

Yes, this does seem to be affecting some people. Try:

That's a good find Rhiannon. Apparently Chrome converted a line break ("<br />" between everysync and _trial.exe in the download link) to a space ("%20") as shown in the right-click context menu.

However, if you just copy the download link then paste it to the address bar, the line break is removed. Press Ctrl-U to check the source code of this page, then Ctrl-F to search with the keyword Download Link, you will get the idea. And the License Key is there.

Excellent Jojo, thanks. :)

what's the correct download link??? ... the one which appears states moved &/or inaccessible ??? I attempted to download via the buy button thinking maybe there was an option to add the license code, but none existed. Please someone explain what's what - I'm curiously confused now.

Access code would not work for me either. H33SG-S5LUI-XZZ73-7RX47-TGIL1 Copy/Paste and manual entering of digits both tried.

Strange, it worked for me. Did you check for trailing or leading spaces, or any such thing?

The given access code did not work for me (H33SG-S5LUI-XZZ73-7RX47-TGIL1) on Sept 10, 2016. (Within time frame?)
Error message License code is invalid (after using copy/paste)
Neither did the social media links which should have unlocked the access code, I had to wait 80 secs (but that should have made no difference should it?)

Did you enter the correct license code, without any trailing or leading spaces, etc? I was able to use the same code to activate the software. Did it just now.

Copied using copy and paste, just now checked for spaces. My download is size 26,312,616 is it the correct download?

"My download is size 26,312,616 is it the correct download?"

Yep, that's what I got. Haven't tried to install or activate though, so I can't confirm it works.