Gizmo is Retiring but Gizmo’s Freeware Goes On

Next week I will be turning 75 and I have made a decision to retire.  Many years ago I promised my wife that I was going to retire soon, but “soon” never arrived. Now it finally has.
Although I am retiring, nothing much is changing at Gizmo’s Freeware.  Things will pretty much go on as they have in the past except that I won’t be here to manage the site.
Instead of me alone, the site will now be managed by a group of four senior editors: Jojo, Glyn (Midnight Cowboy), Rhiannon and George Lewe.  I will have no role at all in the running of the site or its finances.
My retirement comes into effect on December 31. After that it will be all up to the new management team.  I’m confident the new team will bring some fresh ideas and new energy while retaining the community-based philosophy that characterises Gizmo’s Freeware and sets it aside from the rampant commercialism of many other sites. 
And with our recent fundraiser, I’ll be leaving the site in a strong financial position that will ensure its survival into 2021.
But before leaving, I want to thank the hundreds of volunteer editors who have worked on this website over the last decade.  Without them, this whole wonderful enterprise would not have been possible; they are the stars. From my heart, I thank them all deeply.
And may I thank you dear readers. Your support too has been essential both financially and in your never-ending encouragement. 
The last ten years has been an amazing journey but for me, that journey has come to an end.  
But in the hands of the new management team, this site will continue on and I’m sure will deliver truly wonderful things to our readers.
As for me, I will be entering a new phase of my life.  Thankfully, I am in excellent health which will allow me to tackle the long list of things I want to do, and the projects I want to complete.
So it’s goodbye from me. Thanks again and I wish you all health, peace, and happiness in 2021.

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Thanks for all your time here! Enjoy your retirement and stay healthy!

Many many thanks to you sir enjoy ur retiremant
al young jr

I wish U all the best "sir" amd all the health and happiness u can find i really luv ur website and have folled it for a couple yrs now and it wa sreally helpful to me U take care and may god bless u Sir!!
al young

Thank you Gizmo! Enjoy your retirement.
Over the years, I have given the link to his websites to so many people that I have lost count.
This is an unparalleled site...good luck for its future in the capable hands of the new admin team.

This site has been an invaluable resource for many years. Thank you, and enjoy your retirement.

Try to reconsider with a surpise thought once every 3 months - just to keep in touch - as retirements can be...... not what you thought>
A big THANK YOU for all waht you and your ideas have given us
All the best

Always friendly if not the friendliest web visit of every day. Thank you for your presence, presents, and prescience. Best wishes always.

Longtime follower and admirer. Thanks for your efforts and your contributions to the computing community. Your site has been iconic in the world of free and open source software. Best wishes in your retirement!

Many thanks, ol' pal, for the foresight that birthed techsupportalert and the stick-to-it-iv-ness (thanks for that, Sister Mary Albert) that has been instrumental in its growth, development, and success. May you live long and prosper!

Wow Gizmo, I've been following you for ... very very very long, I don't even have an idea how long already, but I'm speaking decades... And you always treated us with great content. Thanks for everything, and for making sure the service remains alive. You really left a mark in my life. Enjoy your retirement with your wife, and perhaps discover other great things to do. You're never too old (unless maybe for bungee jumping)!


Best of luck in the future !!! Enjoy your retirement. May you have many happy years in the future.

Thank you Gizmo.
Amazing perfect, consistent, innovative and fiendly work.
Your site is resourceful and a worthy reference for enthusiasts.
Happy New Year and retirement.

This site has been an invaluable resource for many years. Thank you, and enjoy your retirement.

Many Thanks for creating this wonderful site and making it what it is. Here's a wish for many healthy and happy years of retirement.

Thank you for all your work, and best wishes for your retirement!

Thank you so very much for your many years of dedication. As a 75 year old, I too understand where you are coming from but still I am saddened by your retirement news.
Happy 2021 and many year to come!!! Take care my friend!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have used a
lot of the tips, ideas, applications and so much
more I found on Gizmo over the years.

Have a great retirement.


Thanks. Good luck.
75? Time flies.

Many thanks, Gizmo. Enjoy your retirement: it has its perks :).

& the best possible New Year to you.

Happy Retirement. You deserve it for all your good work. I for one read Gizmo's every day and for years and have learned much. Glad to hear that it will continue.

Best wishes and good health for a long retirement.

All the best for your retirement. This DEFINITELY is a "go to" site for me ALMOST every day.
Many heartfelt thanks for your amazing dedication but as a 75 year old myself, I know exactly where you are coming from.
Happy 2021 and many years to come!!

You have created one of the most useful resources on the web. Thank you for all the years. Sorry your retirement begins during such a time of distress and travel restriction.

All the comments posted just about sum up what you have given so many people. Take care and have a happy retirement.

I was introduced to the Tech Support Alert back in the day through the Internet Tourbus. I don't know what I would have done all these years without this wealth of information that has helped me troubleshoot problems, improve productivity, and manage my 'digital life' effectively. Gizmo, your work has been a gift to the world! I'm happy to see that the site will go on, leaving a long-lasting legacy. Many blessings to you in your retirement! May you enjoy a well-deserved permanent vacation! From a grateful Gizmo fan. :)

Hey Gizmo, enjoy a well earned retirement, you have been my go to person and website whenever I have needed anything PC related, thanks.



Happy retirement. You've made an impact on my life. I have found many good programs and start all searches here.

I wish you all the very best for your future!
I sincerely hope that the "projects" that you have lined up keep you out of mischief, and really do keep you busy and fully engaged.
Having been at this game for so long, you do realize that you will have to give your new activities a substantial push if you want to feel fulfilled.
I wish you all good things!

Many thanks for all the help you've provided over the years and for all the wee gems you've brought us.