A small gif maker with a very flexible and adjustable graphical user interface.


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Pros & Cons:

No installation required, user interface is adjustable, download size is very small, Can add multiple images at once, user can change images position by dragging, preview function available.
Very less features, output is very basic, take time for loading big size images or large number of images.

Our Review:

GiftedMotion is another gif maker weighing in at quite a small size of around 72KB (V1.23). Its graphical user interface is very flexible and adjustable, good for very simple and basic gif animations.

You can adjust frame delay time, position of image and frame order. But it is highly lacking in special effects like sliding, background color, etc., and without which gifs don’t look so impressive and interesting.

When you first run this program, you might need some practice as it's a little tough to start out. For this reason, I don't recommend it to those who are new to making gifs as this disadvantage might turn them off, but overall it is good enough for creating simple and basic gifs.

GiftedMotion was reviewed by on based on version 1.23.