One of the most complete standalone gif makers with clean user interface.


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Clean interface, user friendly, easy to use, adjustable canvas size, auto transition effects, support various formats and video to gif conversion is possible.
Takes time in extracting frames from video, Development has been stopped.

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If you think it is overkill to download a large program for just a GIF animator, then GifApp (also known as Gif Animation GUI Application) is a good alternative.

GifApp is an open source portable app supported by the Sourceforge project and this is the best gif maker I know after Photoscape. You can add multiple images at once, remove images, adjust dimensions, set frame delay, move frames place and can add 17 different effects like dissolve, crystallize, grayscale, invert, etc. You can also import video and make it as a gif, and preview gif as many times as you want before saving. Output gif quality is also quite good.

It is one of the most complete standalone gif maker programs I know about. Its interface is clean and user friendly. You can adjust the size of the interface as you need. The best part is that you don't need any special knowledge for experimenting with it, just add pictures and start making gifs.

GifApp was reviewed by on based on version 1.3.


You might want to mention that this app requires Java, if not already installed.

Open Source is great stuff. But I cannot condone software distribution that does not include everything required to install and run it. This program requires Java runtimes. I get that these cannot be distributed with the software due to license issues perhaps, but other software with the same limitations have the installer program actually go and get the required additional items making it EASY for the person installing and wanting to use the software to actually accomplish that task. Call it lazy, or careless programming maybe? It just makes for a poor end-user experience. If you are going to do something, then do it fully, IMHO. Moving on to some other program that actually works after I complete the install.