A simple NFO viewer with customization options to change colors, fonts and sizes.


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Top pick, full of features, supports many languages, flashdrive version available.
Nothing obvious.

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GetDiz is a simple NFO viewer which includes customization options including changing the foreground and background colors, fonts & sizes. There is an option which allows a customizable list of key words and lets you set foreground and background colors to associate with the keywords.

The only feature that lets GetDiz down is the extremely large and somewhat cramped options menu item; the features could be housed more comfortably in a pop-up options dialogue box.

Upon installation, there is a little option to add a link that creates a shortcut to a proprietary software site but it's easy to uncheck and the link itself doesn't install any actual software. There is multilingual support of 25 different languages and the GIF export allows an easier way to share the files among others who may not have an alternative NFO viewer.

Automatic association with .txt, .diz, .nfo & .ini files can be set and an option is given to make the product portable during installation


Official Description

GetDiz is a Notepad replacement that offers a wide range of features while maintaining incredible speed, ease of use, stability, and small size. The user interface is handy, small, specific, and configurable. Do you want to go through a bunch of text files quickly in Explorer? Turn on the "Allow only one GetDiz instance" option and click on every file. GetDiz will display the files one after another in the same window. With GetDiz you also get enhanced functionality with DIZ and NFO files, which are often included in ZIP and RAR archives. GetDiz is able to display ASCII art correctly. You can even save text, nfo and diz files as GIF images! Even if GetDiz offers many features, the user interface is kept clean, so you can concentrate on text reading or editing. An optional USB-Stick installation is also possible. This notepad replacement is available for free.


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