Get Your Free Upgrade To Autoruns 13.2


Autoruns has always been one of the most useful programs to keep in your troubleshooting toolkit, so it's worth knowing that an update to this popular utility was released last week.  Version 13.2 includes various fixes and additions since version 13 was introduced a couple of months ago. 

As well as giving you total visibility over which programs and services get automatically run when your PC starts up, you can also virus-check any suspicious file against VirusTotal with just a single right-click.  So not only can you keep track of which programs your PC is running behind the scenes, you can also check them for malware too.

Autoruns 13.2 is available from and the download is around 0.5 MB.  It runs on all recent versions of Windows and is portable - just unzip the download and run the single .EXE file.  There's also a command-line version in the zip download, for advanced users.  The program is free and is malware-free according to both VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

If you've never heard of VirusTotal before, it's definitely worth knowing about.  Upload any suspicious file (such as one received by email from someone you don't know) to and it'll scan it with around 50 leading products.   And in case you weren't aware, the policy of this web site is that nothing gets recommended by Gizmo's team unless it achieves a perfect score of zero warnings with VirusTotal.





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Bob, Thank you for your response.

Best wishes.

Autoruns like process explorer are excellent tools but they are not for beginners. I repair computers locally part time and took A+ When I had time I viewed the free videos on how to use them. They are very long and I took notes. If you want to know how to use them you have to make the effort and if your not repairing other computers or really interested I don't see why you would bother. But for slow computer analysis these are the tools.

Bob the tech

I think I may know why it was only given 3.2 stars out of five. The Help file seems to be virtually non-existent. I can open the UI but that's all I get. No Help files, just the UI. So unless I happen to already know how to use the App, it's somewhat useless other than it's basic operation.