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If you like to listen to music while you work and music with vocals is distracting, give these ambient music recommendations a try.

Flow State sends out emails with links to two hours of music from various artists and genres of music with no vocals, great background music for working, listening, or other activities. All the music is curated by people, not algorithms. That means there's a wide variety of known and not well known artists in a variety of styles. Each email highlights one to five artists. Some recently highlighted artists include Johann Johannsson, Khruangbin, David Borden, Steve Reich, and Ludovico Einaudi, Debussy, and Tangerine Dream.

The newsletter used to be a paid model. The new free option delivers new music to your Inbox from Tuesday through to Friday. Emails are sent out at 1:00am ET so they are ready for the workday for the largest amount of people around the planet.
(Paid subscribers get a Monday special mix email and access to a database of previous artists.)

To subscribe, click or tap the "Subscribe" button at the top of the page. Enter an email address and click or tap "Subscribe". There's a "Let me read it first" link if you want to check out what you'll get if you subscribe.
The next page says "Choose a subscription plan". Under the red "Subscribe" box, click on "Maybe later".
You're taken to a page that says "Ok, you'll get public posts". That's it.
Clicking "Continue" will take you the latest public post on the site, where you can scroll down to see previous public posts with music recommendations.

Music sources vary and include one or more links to sources like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, and Google Play. Some recommendations have links to one source, and some to two or more sources. If you're looking for distraction free music for all activities, try Flow State. Unsubscribing is easy, and you can easily turn emails back on.

Get Free Ambient Music Recommendations from Flow State

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Blume offers a variety of chill mixes on their YouTube channel, typically just over 1 hour in length, if you have a shorter attention span like me. ;0D There are also some gaming videos on there (not my thing really), so just click Videos and you'll see the chill mixes. It might be better not to ponder the choice of titles on occasion though.

Two more suggestions: Ambient Sleeping Pill and Amambient. BTW, is indeed an outstanding recommendation. I've been using it for several years now. Lots of great channels, such as Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Deep Space One, Space Station Soma, and Drone Zone to name but a few. Well worth exploring!

I sport Somafm tee's, mugs, hats, Xmas cards, CD's....

A long-time, loyal supporter!


Those are good sites, thanks!

Used to try Lush. Got bit repetitive so switched to free Spotify which seems to have a nice choice of both non vocal
and vocal categories not too annoying. There's still for what it has. And that thing appears
to still offer their global map allowing to select stations from across world. Some adventurous stations, like one in B'klyn NY
don't load anymore but major stations still do.
My first thought with the email format was ugh, work? and why not Mon - Sat or 24/7? Oh well, thanks for pointer.

I hadn't heard about, thank you. :)


In the same vein, there's also my fav online radio station, (I love their channel, "Lush").

Soma has multiple genre's and runs commercial-free--> supported by generous folks who can appreciate that good music & NO commercials deserve such support. ;)

That's a great site, thanks for the recommendation!