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Paragon Backup and Recovery Free imageDownload the full version of Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 for free (usually $39.95)!
Paragon has just released version 16 of their Backup and Recovery program, and are giving away free licenses for the full version of the program through November 1st, 2016.
To get the program, you'll need to create a free Paragon account, then download and install the program. During installation you'll be asked to register for an account. Just provide a valid email address and choose a country (presumably so you get the right language version) and you're done. You'll receive an activation code at the email address you provided. During my installation, the program activated automatically after registering, and I also received the activation code email with registration details, a bit different than described on the website.
Update: some people are having some trouble with the license and activation. Thanks to Anupam, here's the best way to go about getting this program installed:
Run the program setup, and during installation on the activation screen, you will see an option to login to your account. Since you have already registered, log in using your credentials, and the serial will automatically be sent to your email, and the program will run without any need of a serial.

Paragon is one of the top rated drive cloning programs here at Gizmo's Freeware.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

Download Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 Advanced Free

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Sorry to know it took you so long to get it up and running. Sometimes such things can be a mess to deal with, and frustrating.

As you say, the reason for the program not running might be the earlier Paragon software interfering with it.

I had Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 free installed on my system, which I had uninstalled before installing this latest version. So, I did not face any problem thankfully. Who knows I might have faced it, had I not uninstalled it.

Oh, and also, when I tried to log in to my account the first time (via browser), it showed a message that something had changed with their login, and that I would have to change my password. The next screen showed a password change option, and after that it was okay.

Sometimes I suspect these clever systems are not designed for the simple minds of 'homo sapiens'. Sometimes there seems to be a different strain of DNA behind their logic. But, and as always, I am again grateful for the ever-courteous and civilised Anupam to help light the way.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a furstrating experience. :( I'm always grateful to Anupam as well.

My pleasure, and thank you for the kind words :).

And yes true, sometimes you come across such situations or issues while using computers, it boggles your mind and you ask yourself, how is that even possible :D.

I've installed it twice and it installs but when I hit finish it just stops. It doesn't open. I can't find which .exe to open. They all say 'part of'....... So, no email, no registration number, no program that I can find. :-(

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

When the program is installed, it will place a shortcut on the desktop. Can you see it?

If not, you can open Program Files, and try running the exe of the program from there.

Are you sure you downloaded the correct file, and installed it correctly? The program does not run on its own after installation. You have to start it manually.

Ok, got it installed, 64bit, and got the email with instruction. Logged in and got the serial number. Does it automatically know I'm running the program or do I have to find someplace to enter the serial number?

I didn't have to add the serial number after I went through registration during installation. :)

Good to know that it went well with installation this time :).

You should run the program, and depending on what screens you see, you should take the decision. Since you already got the serial number in the email, it might show you a screen to put in the serial number.

Or, as was in my case, I started the program, and on the activation screen there was an option to login (apart from registering for a new account). I logged in via that screen (I already had an account), and the program started itself, without any need for the serial number (which was automatically sent to my email when I had logged in).

So, just run the program and go from there. If you face any difficulty, just ask here.

Did you download the file to your computer, and then open the .exe? If it's listed as part of in your download folder that usually means that file didn't get downloaded all the way. When the program is downloaded, and you run the .exe file, that's when you'll be asked to register.

Click the Download for free button on the page, and make sure you get the version for your system, either 64 or 32 bit.

I never do backups (images) whilst windows is running.
Can one use a bootable CD to create the image ?

I don't see that option in the program. You can create recovery media but backups run while Windows is running. I haven't had any problems restoring any backups I've made while Windows is running in the handful of programs I've used but I understand your concern. :)

I don't remember exactly, but I think you can.

What's wrong with creating images when Windows is running. Most programs nowadays allow you to create image without any problem even when Windows is running. In case they don't provide this option, the software will inform you.

My Windows XP has been running since 2006.
PCs have died (mine are all old), and the image has been restored into replacement hardware (using XP CD to do Repair Install to get it used to the new hardware).
Current used space is 180GB, and perhaps the drive is a bit flaky or XP has a few small wounds.
For those reasons I don't do images whilst Windows is running.
Before imaging I set it to do a Disk Check, and make sure that the CD is in tray, so that it then goes straight into my bootable CD, for imaging.
For the above reasons (plus my general 'old woman' attitude, plus my 'Keep It Simple' approach), I would not image with Windows running if someone held a cocked gun to my head)

I understand. I'm quite fond of the products produced by TeraByte Unlimited myself (though they aren't freeware). I've been using them for years and years.

Thanks for the explanation.

I still think it would be okay to create image with Windows running, but I understand why you want to play it safe.

was just looking at the paragon free offer. i looked but could not find any reference to how long the software is good for. does it self destruct in a year?

My experience with Paragon is that the version you download is good indefinitely. No expiration as far as I know - I've had a full version of this product for a few years and it's survived hard drive crashes and reinstalls with no problems.

Product updates (fixes, etc.) for that version have been free, upgrades to new versions are not. You can check here for more info:

Since they are offering a serial, there should be no time limit as to how long you can use the software for.

Thank you for this Rhiannon.

I was already registered on Paragon, since I use their free Paragon Backup & Recovery. I installed the program, and was asked to login on the activation page. I logged in, and the program started. The serial was sent to my email. So, no problems there.

However, I didn't like the interface of this new version much. The interface of the older version was much better.

I also did not see any license information from within the program. That is not a major issue however.

On the Recovery Media Builder screen, the full content is not visible somehow. Also, earlier they used to provide an option to create an ISO... could not see any such option here. Only option provided is of USB drive. With a dearth of USB drives, I cannot engage a drive just for this. I like the ISO option, which I can burn to a CD whenever the need arises.