Get A Second Pair of Eyes to Proofread Your Writing For Free



It's easy to overlook mistakes especially when you're reading or editing your own writing, and it certainly helps a lot if you can get a second pair of eyes to proofread your work.

This second pair of eyes can be any grammar checkers and one of the noteworthy is Grammarly. It is built by linguists and language lovers and works as a platform for enhancing writing in the English language.

The platform not only scans your text for spelling errors, but also grammatical mistakes, subject-verb agreements, punctuation corrections, modifier placements, vocabulary enhancements and more.

For a quick try, I paste this sentence “Its clear that a zebra can’t change it’s strips.” into Grammarly. It then highlights three possible mistakes in the sentence and identifies a correctly spelled word used in the wrong context.

Grammarly is available as a native app for Windows and Mac OS, an extension to Microsoft Office and all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. It also serves as a keyboard app on Android and iOS for the same purpose.





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Grammarly is only "pretty good" at proof-reading general writing and "pretty bad" with more specialized, arcane content. For example, I found it repeatedly failed to correct my intentional "trial-errors", like: "Not one of the dozen checks I mailed WERE deposited at my bank last quarter." It should have suggested changing "WERE" to "WAS". It doesn't.

Besides, the "free" version is so crippled as to be totally useless, except perhaps to a person writing in a non-native language. And, the least-costly subscription is much too expensive for casual use, IMO.

I find that reading my work in reverse (from the last paragraph to the first) helps me catch my own gaffes. Always. Well, mostly. Okay, once-in a- while. :-(

Tried it.

It's overly pedantic.

Also, you didn't mention that (at least in the Windows version, which i am currently uninstalling) it requires a cloud account where it stores your documents.

Thank, JoJo, for your recommendation. I've seen the Grammarly ads--who hasn't?!--but ignored them. I wasn't aware they offered a plug-in for Microsoft Word. That's really helpful.