Get Ready For A Top Troubleshooting Tool


If you like to be able to fix your PC when things go wrong, or you get called upon to fix friends' and neighbours' machines, then a vital part of your tool kit should be a bootable recovery CD.  Such a tool means that you can repair or investigate problems, even if Windows is refusing to boot.

If you don't have such a tool, but you'd like one, check the Hot Finds section of Tech Support Alert next week.  On Monday, we'll have news of a superb bootable rescue disk, complete with more than 40 tools to help you diagnose and fix problems once you've managed to boot the computer.

This product currently retails for $59.95, but next week you'll be able to download it for free.  So come back here on Monday, and all will be revealed.

 UPDATE: August 8:  This offer is now live. Click the link below for details:

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