Get Pixel8 Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software Free


Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software Free

UPDATE: The software is no longer available. The URL gives a security error and then resolves to a Contact Us site at Seagate.
I don't see the software offered anywhere on the site right now.

Get the same software that data recovery company Pixel18 uses professionally for a limited time.

Pixel18 Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software Free for macOS and Windows works on all brands of disk drives and storage devices to recover data that has been deleted, corrupted, on a formatted disk or is on a lost partition.

Pixel8 is a data recovery software company that recovers deleted data from any brand of drive and most storage device types. They are offering Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software as a free download, with some limitations. There are unlimited recoveries for one year and the software can be activated on up to five different computers. Every activation is unique to each computer.

Seagate Premium Data Recovery has a clear interface that’s easy to understand and use. At startup there are three options:
• Test a device (short or extended scan, along with estimated time for both)
• Recover lost files (lists devices or volumes from which data can be recovered. Encrypted files will be grayed out. Turn off encryption to access the data)
• Erase data (volume or device or specific files and folders)

The recover lost files option has three scan modes: simple, advanced and smart scan. After scanning it displays the recoverable files and the condition of each file.
You can recover all files, or selected folders and files, which are listed in groups by type – images, documents, videos, audio, miscellaneous, etc. You can use the drop down menu to sort files by date created, date modified, date last opened, size, type and integrity.
Note that when you start a recovery operation, you may get a message that one of your license keys will be used if you proceed. With the unlimited one year license, the keys aren’t applicable.

The program can recover these file types:
bmp, gi, svg, psd, eps, emf, jpg, png, pdf, tiff, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, rtf, outlook, txt, mpp, chm, vsd, mp3, wma, wav, mp4, mov, wmv, 3gp, swf, asf, avi, flv, fla.

The program scanned and recovered several different file types on my system – all were in good condition before recovery and restored with no problems. Document files were intact, as were zip files, mp3s, images (jpg, jpeg, png) and some miscellaneous files. All functioned properly when opened or played. Data recovery success depends on the condition of the files and the device or drive.

To download the program, scroll down the page a bit to the Premium Software $0 box. Choose either the macOS or Windows version and select Add to Cart. During checkout, you’re asked to provide first and last name, physical address, country, phone number and email, with the option to create an account or receive news and updates.

After checkout you’ll receive an email with a license number and order number. The license number, order number and email address used to download the software are required to activate the software during installation.

There are other data recovery programs (free and paid) but if you’re looking for a good program from a manufacturer who has had traditionally good tools, give Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software a try. It’s clear interface, speed, ease of use and success rate make it a good choice to recover lost data.

Download Seagate Premium Data Recovery Software Free

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I can't find any free software at all on here

It looks like Seagate has taken down the Pixel8 site and it now resolves to the Seagate site. No free software there that I can see either. Thanks for letting me know. :)

I can't proceed beyond the viewing the cart. When I press "Proceed to checkout", after a few seconds, I'm back at the cart.

There is also a "discover what's recoverable" app for download which *does* present a trial software details form like the one you described but there's no download button there, just the form. Interestingly, when it comes to the country, Australia (where I am) is not on the list!

Perhaps that's why I never get to the checkout.

Hmmm, that's odd.
To be clear, you're clicking the blue add to cart button for the platform you want and are taken to the checkout screen...the product is listed on the left, and the quantity is one, it says the product has been added to your cart, and when you select the Proceed to checkout it takes you back to the Proceed to check out page again?
If you have any ad blocking or security add-ons or extenstions, they might interfere, a system security program might interfere, and have you tried checking out using another browser?
I'm not sure location would be a factor,

I occasionally have problems with an overly enthusiastic security program installed on my computer - it prevents the oddest things in browsers and I have to add a filter or disable it for a bit.

They ask for too much info and this is just trial software! No Thanks!

You don't have to provide accurate personal information. Way too many sites ask for personal information in my opinion.
I keep a few sets of credentials - disposable email addresses, a Google Voice phone number, etc for this purpose because I do a lot of registering and downloading of things in order to write this column.

The  program is a full featured recovery program that you use on up to five computers, with unlimited amount of recoveries, for one year. This is clearly stated at the beginning of the article.
I guess you could classify it as trial ware, but historically trial programs revert to free version after 30 days, sometimes 90 days. This doesn't revert to a free version. I'm not sure what it reverts to, I haven't been able to find that information. My guess it that it reverts to a paid version but I don't know for sure.



Howdy, @Rhiannon, et al: I think you gals & guys are mistaken about this being "free", for one year or any other time period. You CAN download and test its ability to identify files that it "MAY" be able to recover but, then, you have to BUY an activation key to (try) and do so.

I'm not sure what you mean by an paying for activation key? I ran this several different times on two hard drives and it recovered files with no problem. I was then able play the recovered mp3 files, open and edit text and document files, was able to open and edit images in Irfanview. At no point was I asked to purchase an activation key or anything else. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It does, when you go to recover files, say you've used an activation key. It's in the article. It will keep telling you that, but since the license is unlimited for one year, they are not relevant. It may apply to the paid version.

Oops! I was preoccupied preparing our supper and wasn't "listening" to you carefully. Please forgive me and call the attorneys to call off the divorce! :)

Hahahaha not a problem here at all and of course I'll call the attorneys. :)

I installed and tried the delete and wipe feature. It was 43 video files. I went with the highest level of wipe. After ½ hour of waiting, three files remained including it's parent folder that I told it to delete. Ran it again on the folder and it removed two of the three. Finally deleted the last file by running it again. Not impressed.

Thanks for the input, I didn't erase files, I was testing the file recovery feature.

What happens to this software after one year? Does it become unusable or do charges incur?

I couldn't find the answer to that on their site. It may revert to the paid version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks. I looked there too and had the same luck. I think you're right that it reverts to the paid version after a year. Fortunately the only time I've ever needed to recover data was when Microsoft failed me. I'd been backing up a project I'd been working on for 11 months and the assignment ended. Then just to see if it would restore I tried and it didn't. Since then I've always kept my own backups in native format on an external drive. Even then I transfer it all to a newer disk every 3-4 years. Now I keep two external backups.

Backups are good. It took my hard disk drive dying and taking all my data with it for me to learn. Tape drive. It was a while ago. :) 

Yup. No doubt about it. BUs are the answer to most problems.

I came across this somewhere, and I looked at it. They are asking just too many personal details, and I aint willing to share that much.

I am more than happy to provide them with a fake name, gender, email address, location, age, etc.

I agree, I dislike providing any personal information to an online entity. Some I have to, otherwise I have a few sets of credentials that I use that have none of my personal information attached to them. In my opinion people and their data are becoming nothing more and nothing less than a data source to be harvested and a revenue stream to an increasing amount of companies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yes really, people are now becoming like data sources and companies just want to profit from that source. And problem is, how much you try, if you are on the internet, a lot of your personal information or your data in some form is already out there. No escaping from it. Only thing is you can do it, is to be careful with what data you share yourself knowingly, and where. And to be safe with your money, and look out for scam/phishing.

I agree, even if you've never been on the internet your data is out there. When possible I don't use personally identifiable information and yes, be on the lookout for scams and phishing.