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The D*I*Y Planner site say they are best thing in printing since Gutenberg. Who am I to argue? With free printable templates in over 12+ categories they might be right.

The site features many tools and ideas related to organization. Specifically, organization using paper and writing devices.
The focus is on paper-based productivity, planning, journaling and creative techniques.

The obvious benefits of this style of organization are many. It won't ever crash on you. You won't have to download and install a program. Your data won't disappear unless you lose it (or, um, run it through the wash cycle in a clothes washer, along with a portable phone handset - its death by detergent, they can't be resuscitated).

Most are lightweight and easy to carry, and some can fit in your pocket. You can take them anywhere. They are easy to use and don't need a manual. You can take them on trips with no worries about weight allowances or fee's for an extra checked bag.

This site has templates (lots of them) that focus on organization and productivity. Time Management, Creativity, Health, Reference and Journaling are a few of the topics.
If you can dream up something you need, chances are you can find it here.

There's a section of D*I*Y documents that detail how to customize your own planner.
There's a Bookbinding 101 article if you want to make your own book and put your custom designed organizational tools to work.
With all the papers available today you can make anything from a watercolor sketch book to a journal made with text weight printmaking papers that are a joy to write on. Plenty of cardstock to choose from, and if you like printed paper, any scrapbooking site or store can accommodate you.

There are reviews of pens (check out the Shoot-out review of Cheap Fountain Pens), pencils, books and other related items.

Some of the categories don't contain many templates. You may have to navigate multiple pages to find what you want, though good site layout makes that easier.

No registration needed to use the site, you'll have to create an account to become a member.
There are some ads - sponsored ads with photos (that don't dance, twirl or spin, thank goodness!) and some related Google ads.

All the templates are printable, and most templates list the purpose, size, license, any programs you need to use the template, and the language its in.
The templates I looked at all had a Creative Commons license. Some are in color, some in black and white, and some in greyscale.
There are many templates that are sized to fit in standard sized planners, though all the ones I saw were in US measurements.

D*I*Y Planner

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