Get Microsoft Visual Studio For Free Instead Of $1000


Microsoft Visual StudioFor the last decade at least, Microsoft's Visual Studio has been the most powerful suite for developing software. It's the first choice for the majority of professional software developers. However, VS has always been very expensive, at around $1000.

In 2014, Microsoft made a major decision. Visual Studio is now free for almost everyone, except teams of professional developers. If you want to use it at home or for non-commercial purposes, it's free. If you're a professional developer but you work alone, it's also free.

The latest version of the free edition, called Visual Studio Community, is the 2015 incarnation. You'll find it at for download. Although the installer is only 0.2 MB, be aware that it will subsequently download at least 6 GB of files during installation, so make sure you have the disk space and the download allowance before you start.



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Thanks for the heads up Rob.

I came across a mention of this a week ago, and did a brief Google.
On some forum, some of the members were mumbling/muttering about the hoops that MS makes the users go through.
A couple of them were leaning towards going back to the Express 2010 version for less hoops
I would be very interested in feedback from our members.

Sorry for possibly looking a gift horse in the hoops,

PS I have been a VB6 programmer since VB3, and am no worshipper of the 'OO' God. (I worship 'KISS')
However depending on the hoops, etc, I may be tempted to have a look at it.

PPS I went to the download(S) page. there is a tiny exe, and also the ISO Rob mentioned. I am downloading the big ISO, but noticed this info/alert on that final page -
"Note: To enable the acquisition of the latest versions of new platform features, and to allow more customization of your Visual Studio install to minimize install time and size, the Visual Studio setup experience includes features not included in the .ISO file. Use the instructions above for the /layout switch to create a complete offline installation package"
I wonder if that relates to some of the 'Hoops' ?
And I am also wondering that perhaps I better re-read the download page, in case I should look into that 'layout switch' (whatever that is) ?

Just an FYI, you can download the ISO of the installer media here:
As of the date and time I typed this.Be warned the ISO is approx. 3.7 Gig.