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Cut through the corporate phone maze to talk to a human in customer service: these two sites have phone numbers to reach customer service directly for most major corporations and many smaller companies.

Most corporations have online chat or other ways to contact them when an issue comes up, but sometimes you need to talk to a person to get something resolved.

Trying to find phone numbers to customer service lines is often a long and sometimes fruitless task. These two sites have phone numbers that supply direct dial customer service phone numbers and tell you how to navigate the menu so you can talk to a human being. Most listings are in the USA, though some corporations have customer service lines for other countries they serve and they are usually listed.

Both sites provide details about the company such as: links to live chat; what numbers to push and in what order to get through the maze to a customer service representative; hours of operation; email; social media; and the companies web page.

If you're looking for fast basic information then Contact Help is a good option.

GetHuman offers more extensive information about companies, such as, the current wait time and the best time to call. They seem to have more complete information and additional links to other parts of corporate websites to get help for specific issues and the interface is clear and easy to use.

Get Human has a few other services, one of them walks you through the issue and contacts the company on your behalf. There are several fields to fill in before the request is sent out, and it's a good option if you don't need to speak to a person live. This worked for me when contacting a company about a product, ultimately I was sent a letter of apology with a coupon covering the cost of replacing the item.

The other free service is a "skip waiting on hold" service. It didn't work for me - multiple browsers, different sites and three hours in I had no results so I stopped the process. I would recommend the site for their excellent information on accessing customer service information and links to useful parts of a site.

As a side note, no site has been able to provide a listing to reach Google. There's a number but the phone isn't answered.

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Both these potentially useful websites seem to be designed primarily for the United States. What services do they provide for other countries, and/or are there similar sites for other countries?

As mentioned in the article, yes, these sites are primarly for the United States.
If the businesses listed have customer service for their offices outside the country, the ones I saw had listed them (most often the UK).

I'm not aware of any similar services for countries outside the United States, if you run across one for any country I would be happy to add it to the article.

It'll be great if these sites are usable. People making cell phone calls won't hang on as long. Thank you.

You're welcome. I had no trouble using the sites, but your mileage may vary. :)

I have been using Get Human for a long time. Of all of the others. this has been far and away the best especially at having numbers not available elsewhere. That being said, I'm going to add contact Help to my sources. It never hurts to have a backup source. Looking forward to giving it a try.


You're welcome. I think having a back up source is good too. :)