Get All the Details of the USB Devices Attached to Your PC with this Free Utility


It’s pretty common these days to have numerous USB devices on a PC. Sometimes you might want to get an overview of all those host controllers, hubs,  and various USB attachments that you have. One way to get a quick display of information about all the USB hardware and drivers is with the free small portable utility called USB Device Tree Viewer.

The developer’s page is here and the download is at this link. The utility requires no installation and is available in both 32- and 64-bit versions. It works in all current versions of Windows. It requires an administrative account. It is actively supported, with the latest version 2.4.1 having been released October 19, 2014. It gets a clean bill of health from VirusTotal.

The utility is based on a Microsoft tool called USBView that is included in the Windows Driver Development Kits. It is quite small. For example, the 64-bit executable is 269 KB. It displays a two-pane interface with detailed information about the USB hubs, controllers, and attached devices. An example of the interface can be seen by clicking the thumbnail on the right. An interesting feature is the ability to open a small context menu by right-clicking an item in the left pane. As the graphic illustrates, you can open a context menu with entries allowing you to restart a device, remove it safely, or display its properties.

This utility provides many technical details and is intended for experienced PC users and for troubleshooting. Those who wish a utility that is simpler might want to try USBDeview from NirSoft, which was described in a previous tip.

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Greetings! I am a new member, and I have not used any Gizmos yet.

Great tool indeed. Thanks a lot!

Because of the BadUSB threat, this tool comes as a great addition to any security enthusiast. The ability to decode descriptors and show a hexdump of the descriptors can help a lot to identify a device that is not what it claims to be.