Get A $30 PDF Compression Utility For Free If You Act Quickly


PDF CompressorPDF Compressor is, as the name suggests, a program for making PDF files smaller without any noticeable loss of clarity. This is especially useful if the PDF file contains lots of images, such as one that's been generated from a scanner. But even if it's heavy on text, you'll still see a noticeable improvement.

I tried the program on a 133 MB file, and it took just a couple of minutes to shrink it to 27 MB. That's less than a quarter of the original size. Which takes up less hard disk space, speeds up my general backup procedures, and is faster to email. Or in the case of an email system that imposes limits on the size of files you can transfer, can mean the difference between being able to send the file or not.

You'll find PDF Compressor at along with a licence code. It's currently being given away for free, hence the licence code. But act before 1st February, otherwise it'll cost you $29.95.

The installer is a 10 MB download and, according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, is free of malware.



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I used a Word 2010 newsletter consisting of 29 pages and saved it as a PDF in Word.
Then using Compression Utility, it made that PDF 181% LARGER and the quality a lot worse.

Do not waste your time in downloading the useless program.

Mcafee notes this site as Threatware/Shareware with Medium Risk.
May want to re-consider this.
SEE :hxxp://

On further investigation this MAY be safe.
No problems with site at hxxp:// AND hxxp:// online scanners as well.

If there are posts/articles on McAfee SiteAdvisor problems please post links of these reviews. Thanks.

You can find all you want by using Google. MC - Site Manager.

There is another site with same name ending com which does same job for free , I have been using it andits better then

Tried to pack down a 27MB music score file. Result: 27MB with degraded quality.

It keeps wanting to upgrade. I do it once and then get the upgrade message everytime I start it. Maybe I should uninstall and put in the key? As it stands I get the watermark also.

Tried it. It managed to compress a 3 mb file into a 7 mb file with a significant reduction in quality. Sometimes "free" is too expensive!

So the file got bigger instead of smaller? Try FileOptimizer instead...

It's free and it's portable.

Installed on a Win 7 Pro 64 laptop. Tested this with an existing 157KB PDF document with very small graphic content. The compressed file became more than 700KB..... 4 times times larger than the size of the original file! Tried it again, using the default settings. Original document, no graphics 113KB, compressed file 735KB. What a waste of time this was.....

This works properly on scanned PDF's that have not been previously compressed ONLY, as explained here:

I tried PDFCompressor on one, scanned page of a TIME magazine article using a mid-range HP All-in-One machine. HP's native scan utility gave me a very good quality file of 2209 KB.

Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe Acrobat DC both gave me good quality files of 111 KB each. Neither Adobe "Reduce " or "Optimize" options reduced the file-size any further.

PDFCompressor INCREASED both Adobe scans' file-size from 111 KB to 326 KB. However, it did REDUCE the HP Scan from 2209 KB to 375 KB.

BOTH PDFCompressor-processed files were noticeably reduced in quality, with generally 'pixilated' text, washed out colors, and even sections of lines and images missing!

Even for free, I see no value in this software.

You must upgrade and add the free license key to compress without a watermark. However, the one file I tried INCREASED in size 5 fold!!

An excellent product! I compressed a photography instruction manual that was over 225k down to 37k. Viewing each page in a pdf viewer, the pages looked identical. Even the photographs.

Not my experience with the two files i've tested so far - the size reduction was significant, but text and images were visibly degraded.

I'll mess with it some more.

Compressed an all-text document by about 10% but left a "watermark" in something like Times New Roman 18 on every page saying it was a Compressed Pdf Document.

I'll pass on this free utility.

You need to register ("update") it (teeny-tiny link at bottom right of front page) using the code that's on the linked download page.

Didn't work for me at all! installed the programme; wouldn't work on any files
There are lots of very good FREE online pdf compression sites! which work perfectly!

Compress Quality is "Recommanded" ??
Hopefully this is not indicative of the quality of the rest of the program.

It may be an indication that the programmer may not speak English as their first language. But then again that may reflect a lack of quality? Hmmm....

Excellent finding!!!