Generate Truly Random Numbers for Almost Anything


Generate random numbers

All randomness wasn't created equal. Get truly random numbers based on atmospheric noise that be used for all sorts of activities.

People use random numbers to hold drawings, lotteries, sweepstakes, to drive games and gambling sites, for scientific applications, for art and music, and many more activities and projects. can generate random numbers for many purposes, from serious to fun. The site is helpfully sorted into sections with sub-categories for the many uses:

Games and Lotteries:
Lottery quick pick, coin flipper, playing card shuffler, dice roller, birdie fund generator, and keno quick pick.

Integer generator, sequence generator, integer set generator, decimal fraction generator, Gaussian generator, and raw random bytes.

List, Strings and Maps:
List randomizer, string generator, password generator, clock time generator, calendar date generator, geographic coordinate generator, bitmaps in black and white, hexadecimal color code generator, pregenerated files, pure white audio noise, jazz scales, Samuel Beckett’s randomly generated short prose, and a DNA protein sequence randomizer.

Web Tools and Widgets for Your Pages:
Integer widget wizard, draw widget wizard, HTTP API, Guidelines to avoid getting in trouble, and banned hosts lists.

You might wonder what purposes random numbers can be used for. They’ve been used for research of all kinds, sampling, arts and crafts, education, testing (such as drug screening), long distance family card games, visual arts (fractals and desktop wallpaper), anonymization (protecting identities, retaining anonymity among research participants), random gift exchanges, choosing random selections of music and movies from a large library, and more.
The site has been active since 1998 and has a simple, straightforward interface. You can use the site or one of the mobile apps to generate truly random numbers for your own use and amusement.


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Have you tried random numbers on Google search?

Try a number like "245 new cases" to check out the results.

Googling "245 new cases" just gave me covid sites ... are there other words you used with it? Or a specific google URL? Thanks :)

If you used the quotes in your search, the results show 245 new cases being reported in many different places. Other numbers produce similar results.


I haven't, I rarely use Google Search. Reverse image search is all I use it for.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Google search is never my default.

But, this random number search with "new cases" in same line is quite original.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out.

What a great find, and very handy too. Thanks Rhiannon.

I'm glad you like it. :)