A smart keyboard with voice typing, glide typing, search and share anything from Google


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Voice typing, glide typing, search and share, insert emoji and GIFs, translate as you type.
Not all features are available in the iOS version yet.

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Voice typing works much faster than regular typing on a smartphone.

If you have been looking for a keyboard with voice typing, install Gboard on your Android mobile, set it as your default input method, then start using it. Gboard incorporates Google’s speech recognition system that can now recognize 119 language varieties with a recent update.

The keyboard app supports using multiple languages at a time even with voice typing, so it is particularly useful for users who want to dictate messages in more than one language.

Other than voice typing, Gboard also allows you to do glide typing as offered by several other keyboard apps.

In addition, with Google Search built into the keyboard, you can search and share anything from Google in one place without switching apps -- simply press the G button on top of the keyboard, then tap a search result for input. Other features include inserting emoji, animated GIFs and translate as you type in the keyboard.

Although this app is available in both Android and iOS mobile systems, unfortunately not all features such as voice typing in the Android version has been made available on the iPhone and iPad yet at time of writing.


Voice Typing Now Supports 119 Languages

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