Gives good results with average work, best for photographers who want to spend a little more time with the image.


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Pros & Cons:

Best alignment of hand-held images. Controls well labeled. Best results were obtained using SUM operator rather than HDR operator.
Old style interface. Halos can occur on areas of great contrast when using SUM operator. Poor documentation. Only saves in JPG (-1 star).

Our Review:

Fusion F.1 is the free version [predecessor?] to Fusion 2.6.3. You will need to look towards the center of the web page to find the link for the free version. Fusion would become my primary pick of the group. It yielded the best result on the handheld test and produced very good results on the other tests. I obtained better results using the SUM operator rather than the HDR operator.

Fusion's interface is a little dated, but I found the controls clearly labeled and the preview responsive and accurate though small. When using the SUM operator, I did have problems with halos around areas of transition from light to dark. This is fixable by increasing the "smoothing" slider. The online documentation is minimal and the built-in help did not work - so you're kind of on your own here.

Overall, I feel it gave good results with average work. Best for the photographer who wants to spend a little more time with the image. Fusion supports all major incoming file formats including RAW; but unfortunately only saves in JPG.

Fusion was reviewed by on based on version F.1.