FTL Launcher Lite


FTL Launcher Lite

A fast app launcher with a 3D app drawer


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free App Launcher for Android

Pros & Cons:

Fast, lite on resources, unique app drawer with 3D effects
Some force closes.

Our Review:

FTL stands for Faster Than Light. Well, the launcher looks quite interesting from what I read.

While it is a nice launcher I expected more. It is quite limited in customizability and feels more like a free advertisement for the real thing. The only feature unique from other launchers is probably the 3D app drawer.

Unfortunately for me I spend very little time there as I use Apps Organizer to put my folders on the desktop with my apps there for quick and easy access. Overall I would say it is a good launcher but not great.

The review was for the previous 2.x version. The 3.x version is improved in features and has removed many of the limitations that brought some criticism. In my opinion the 3.x version is much enhanced and you only pay for functions like theming. Overall it is a much welcome improvement.

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