Freeware Game of the Week (This game leaves you wanting for more!)


Aug 8 - Aug 14

Few games leave you so impressed that it's nearly impossible not to fall in love with them. This is one such game. It's weird, it's cool and thought provoking, but best of all you wouldn't even know why you love it so much! Whatever, it leaves you wanting for more, perhaps because it ends on such a high note. 

Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a standard FPS/puzzle platform from Blendo Games in which you're a spy, Citizen Abel. The game is quite polished and at the same time very weird, easily one of the wittiest games I've ever played. This is in fact a very short game and you could easily complete it in 30-45 minutes, but the experience is just worth it. 

There are only 2 stages or missions for the game. The first stage introduces you to the basics of navigation through helpfully placed signs in the environments. In the second stage, you learn new skills slowly. Gameplay is simple and straight forward and the objective of the game is not even too difficult for non-gamers to achieve. But what makes this game stand apart is that, there's much to admire in the presentation of the game which is visually striking with a great atmosphere. The sound effects are well worth noting, and it's got a humerous narrative that'll keep you continue playing. But it's best that I keep mum about more more aspects of the game because I may give you some spoilers.

That being said, Gravity Bone will give you one memorable ride, and I can assure you that it won't be like any other game you've ever played as it creates a beautiful niche of its own. It can be considered as an art game, very much imaginative and will surely delight you. By the way, you don't have to install the game (simply extract it) and there's also a sequel announced for the game, Thirty Flights for Loving.

Genre: Action, puzzle, art
Sequel: Thirty Flights of Loving

Have fun! See you next week...smiley


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