Freeware Game of the Week (The Flash Game that Rocked the Online World!!)


Jul 18 - Jun 24

Flash games have brought a revolution in the online industry providing users with countless hours of fun and entertainment. The attraction is clear: they are completely free of charge, will run in any browser without the need for downloads or installs, are easy to learn, come in a huge variety of categories and are simply great fun to play. But in this super-popular genre, one game stands out.


You don't get to unearth a rare gem every time, and Kingdom Rush is one of those treats. Unarguably the best flash game in the last few years, and the most popular and critically acclaimed among them all, Kingdom Rush is a fun and action packed tower defense game. Deploy your troops, take command of your infantry men while raining fire upon your enemies and reinforcing your work spots. Make constant tactical choices to endure the challenges and protect your Kingdom!
The presentation of the game is just amazingly beautiful. It's fresh, bright and cartoonish and looks hand drawn. The soundtrack is catchy along with an addictive gameplay. It combines tower defense with RTS and RPG elements and hits the sweet spot between accessibility and depth. The campaign is really lengthy, which means you'll be wasting plenty of hours with this gem of a game. Kingdom Rush employs a creative take on the classic Tower Defense gameplay with mind blowing production cost values, easily towering over most of the competition. 
There's plenty to enjoy in this game; it feels fresh compared to other games of this genre. Even if you aren't a fan of TowerDefense games this will sure be an eye opener for you. Why don't you just do yourself a favor and start playing this game right now, that won the Best Browser-Flash Game of 2011 at Gizmo's Freeware. 

Strategy Time! See you next week...smiley


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