Freeware Game of the Week (250 Replays & Counting!)

Jun 11 - Jun 17

No, I'm not a bad gamer! surpriseIn fact I've got twitchy fingers from playing hardcore games, but no other freeware game ever since N, has pushed me to the limits like this game. The game can be quite frustrating but you just can't get enough of it every single time that you play. It's so impressively addictive and challenging that you will be glued to your seat and won't budge until you complete a level. I promised myself that by the time I fire up to play for my 250th retry, I would feature it here, and here I am! 

Super Crate Box

Gameplay: Grabbing crates was never this difficult! In Super Crate Box, your objective is just to get hold of the crates that appear one-by-one on the multi-layered platforms in each level. Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not as effortless as it seems! 

The Enemies: During the quest you'll have to dodge or kill various enemies who fall from the top and move along the platforms and finally gets engulfed in a fire in the middle of the lowest platform. If you choose to simply dodge these monsters to leave them for their fate waiting at the bottom, you're in trouble. cheekyThese creatures don't actually die in the fire, they get reincarnated as a red demon of themselves and with all their rage, their speed increases multifold and this is when all hell breaks loose. frown To add to this intensity, the number of enemies you'll have to face increases with time, so you're forced to shoot'n'kill them before they fall into the fire, to sustain each level. 

The Crates: Grabbing each crate is not for the sole purpose of finishing a level, each crate has a hidden random weapon that you can use against your enemies. As you reach certain milestones while grabbing these crates, a new weapon gets unlocked which tends to be more destructive, but you have to be strategically clever as weapons are of wide scope, forcing you to switch tactics. This makes the game all the more fun and intriguing. smileyAlso each time you die, the counter to this milestone isn't reset, which prevents a lot of frustration and will push yourself to replay the game. 

This is one 2D platformer with sweet pixelated graphics, arcade styled gameplay with crazy and addictive soundtrack, multiple unlocks and loads of replay value. It's a shame if you havn't played it yet!

Download (Win, Mac)
Genre: Platformer, Arcade, Shooter

Happy Gaming! See you next week...smiley


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by tomd (not verified) on 15. June 2012 - 0:24  (94887)

Here's my submission for a great freeware game.
It's an oldy but very addictive with hundreds
of levels. Laser Kombat


by tomd (not verified) on 12. June 2012 - 19:03  (94758)

I would love to play but after downloading from the
publishers site the file consisted of 2 items.
(downloaddll.dll & supercratebox.exe)Clicking the exe
was "not responding".A second download from another
site & I got the same 2 files & the same response.
I think the dll is bad. downloaddll.dll is how the
file reads,not my misspelling.
Suggestions anyone?

by George.J on 12. June 2012 - 21:19  (94761)

Did you extract the files before you started playing? When you download it'll be a .rar file. You need an archiver/extracter to unrar the files. Use 7-zip or any similar program to extract the files and then try to play. Do reply here if you got it working or not.

by tomd (not verified) on 13. June 2012 - 18:24  (94803)

Yes of coarse I unzipped the rar file.
The folder consists of the 2 files I mentioned.
(downloaddll.dll & supercratebox.exe).Notice the
spelling of the dll? Since yesterday I've downloaded
from 2 more sites & always get these same 2 files.
Thanks for the reply but this isn't my first rodeo.
I would be interested in hearing if others have the
same problem or if not the contents of the archive.

by George.J on 13. June 2012 - 19:05  (94807)

Yes the files are supposed to be downloaddll.dll and supercratebox_v101.exe . There's no change for it, and it runs perfectly on my system. Have you tried running the program with administrator rights by right clicking on the .exe file and choosing Run As ->Adminstrator. Try disabling any security programs like Firewall and Antivirus and then start the game. There might be some conflicts due to which the game is not able to run.

I really didn't understand by what you meant by "Not responding". Don't you get any output or do you encounter any error? During the time the game starts there will be a splash screen with "Super Crate Box" written. What's your system configuration? (O.S type, RAM available etc.) ?

by tomd (not verified) on 15. June 2012 - 0:14  (94886)

Thanks for your replies,I do appreciate the effort.
I have no problems with way more ram heavy games nor
have I ever had any problems with other games.
When I said "not responding" I was referring to Windows
task manager & the application.
When I click the exe I do get a splash screen,which is
an horizontal bar.I finally was able to start the game
after clicking the exe & waiting 90 seconds before the
menu appeared.
Although I'm not a gamer it sounded like fun the fact
that the game won't respond 80% of the time & takes
almost 2 minutes to load the rest of the time isn't
really worth the wait.
thanks anyway for your input

by George.J on 15. June 2012 - 4:23  (94895)

That's true. The game takes an awefully long time to load on my meagre 256MB RAM PC, but not much on my faster 4GB RAM laptop. I believe the problem is that all the game files were compiled into an .exe file of 22MB, that's quite big for a game that was probably made in GameMaker. If loading of files were made externally then it would have been much better.

by Steeleye (not verified) on 11. June 2012 - 13:07  (94679)

Sounds like the "Pie Shop" level on Donkey Kong, with optional extras.

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