Freeware Game of the Week (1MB Download to Lose your Job)


Jun 23 - Jun 29

If you are still playing Solitaire or Hearts in your free time, it's high time for a change. Beware, this change won't go easy on you. A few minutes through this game, you're bound to get addicted to it. It's one of those few games that manage to stay challenging while not getting boring. Finally don't complain that I didn't warn you in advance in case you lose your job because of playing this game continuously. Get ready to chomp through a few hours at home or relieve some stress at workplace.

Warning Forever

Warning Forever is a space shooter game that's stripped down to its core in every way. There are no power-ups or upgrades, or a story, or hundreds of swarming enemies, or even music except for sound effects. All that's needed is frequent switching of strategies, thoughtful planning and analysis. How in the world does it remain so addictive! Read on... 
Gameplay: You're flying a green ship. In each stage you encounter a certain boss whose ship gets bigger, stronger and intelligent as the game progresses. You have to defeat each boss within the specified time limit of 180 seconds. You get a penalty of 20 seconds for each death but a reward of 30 seconds get added for defeating each boss. Before each fight, a screen shows a general info of the next boss including his construction for you to get an idea before the fight.
Attack: You have a rapid-fire revolving cannon with unlimited ammo, that initially fires with a small spread (Fire:Z button). You can adjust the range or spread of the weapon fire and its direction that appears as an arc (Range: D button). You can control the range of this arc by moving your ship around without firing. 
Bosses: If you think Warning Forever is a mindless shooting game then you're wrong. In each stage you encounter a boss who gets more Intelligent and Stronger after each defeat. 
  • By Intelligent, I mean that the boss adapts himself by learning the strategies used by the player during his previous defeats and prepares to defend himself in the next stage, forcing the user to learn his behaviour and switch tactics over time. For example, if you defeat the boss by first destroying guns attached to one of his arms, then the next boss will have better and larger armor on his stronger arms, symmetrically stretching out from his even larger body.
  • Not only that, each time the player gets hit by one of the weapons, the boss records it and uses more weapons of that type and also newer weapons like lasers, rockets, etc., in the next stage, growing Stronger each time. 
If you need background music for the game, you may convert your music file to .ogg format, name the file as "bgm.ogg" and place it in the same folder as the game program "wf.exe". Enjoy the music while playing the game.
I'm sure you won't notice anything unless you are through 6-7 boss fights before you understand how bosses are evolving to combat your tactics. There are 5 different game modes (Time Limit, Three Ships, 5-Minute Attack, Sudden Death & Custom) if you need more from this already addicting game. 

DownloadWarning Forever (Win)
Genre: Fixed Shooter
Note: Use Z button and arrow keys for going through the menu options

Shoot'em up! See you next week...smiley


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Made a mistake in the previous post, this game wasn't what I was looking for. But it gave me the right direction by searching for similar games, and I finally found it! It was FRAXY, another Japanese boss rush shooter, but with far more customizability (you can create and download bosses, actually choose weapons instead of just toggling scope, etc.) Still, thanks for the review, going to check out Battleships Forever as well.
Both are great games, Warning Forever is legendary and appears in most Best Freeware Games lists, and Fraxy is in some ways an improvement over it, where you've technicolor and boss editor added. Fraxy vs Warning Forever Poll