A small and fast tool to show your network traffic


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License: Free
Website: Sourceforge
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Download-Upload Meter

Pros & Cons:

Small EXE, lots of features and configuration, resizable histogram window
Scale misses fixed values between 100 Mbit and 1 Gbit - no tray icon


FreeMeter does not need to be installed. Just doublclick the executable file to start the histogram. You can resize it but only up to 500*450 pixel. A righ-click in it opens a context menu with many settings to adjust. Unfortunately you cannot minimize it to tray like NetWorx. Also the predefined max values for a fixed scale miss the so important values between 100 Mbit and 1 Gbit.

Our Review:

The only 130KB large EXE file (no installation necessary) contains a lot of power and features.Upon start, FreeMeter reads the currently active network adapter and displays a small meter on your desktop. By grabbing the lower right corner of the window you can resize it - unfortunately only to a maximum size of about 600*450 pixel. This limitation is a big drawback to me I must say.

However, in regards to metering and configuration FreeMeter has a lot to offer. Colors and opacity can be changed by either entering values or by a convenient slider. Even a "Cycle Color" feature is there. The graph itself can be adjusted in scale, units and textual information. But besides that, FreeMeter has a few more tools in stock. Opening in a separate window there are Ping, Tracert and UPnP NAT uttility. Email notifications can be configured as well. Unfortunately again, these little windows cannto be resized at all.

FreeMeter is a great tool, but size matters and I would really like to see the resize limitations go away in the next release. I also would love to see an option to minimize the histogram into a tray icon.

FreeMeter was reviewed by on based on version 1.4.2710.