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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility

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Very easy to understand and use "straight out of the box."
Very few filter options, no ftp, no auto sync, very sparse help.

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FreeFileSync is a solid contender here. The thing I like the best with this utility is its very clear and informative interface.

The preview is very easy to understand, and file collisions and deletions are more readily recognizable than many other sync programs. If you require a sync program that can copy files that are in use or locked, FreeFileSync has you covered there too!

Unfortunately it only has very basic filters, no auto sync feature, and no direct support for FTP. My final complaint would be that its help file is a little sparse. Those few flaws aside, I found it to be well designed and easy to use.

Caution! FreeFileSync is bundled with unwanted components. Users are advised to take special notice of the options available during install to avoid these extras. See our general advisory page for more information.

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Tried AlwaySync, but it posted a new time stamp for synced files with the date and time of the sync.
Does this or any other sync utility preserve the original date and time of files copied during sync?

this program does preserve the original date and time. you are talking about freefilesync, and not some other program, right ? what version are you using ? i'm using freefilesync 9.6 and have no issues at all. i've just started using it, but this problem that you are having is not an issue with version 9.6

there is plenty of help by way of walkthroughs from youtube. the links to the videos are right there on their homepage. there isn't an issue here with help or the learning curve. did you watch the videos ?

really ? which components are you referring to ? there was one checkbox that i unchecked. is that really a risk that warrants Caution! ? NOT; duh.

i'm the person who is most likely to be critical, but now i'm being critical of this b.s. review. this review was spot on with respect to the rating. and maybe another detail. and that's about it

It's alright to be critical of the review, but please do not do so with offending words. This is a site run by volunteers who dedicate their time for free. If you have any problems with the review, please point them out, and we would have happy to correct, or respond. But, please do not use bad language.

Now, about FreeFileSync, yes, there is a third party software being offered during the install, and that is the unwanted component, and that is why a caution notice has been included in the review. To you, who has knowledge of these things, it might seem like a small thing... but to a general user, who isnt aware of these things, and who will just hit the Next button without looking at what was on the screen, it's our duty to make them aware of this unwanted component.

So your criticism here is unwarranted, and your offending language uncalled for.

Next time, we won't reply to such a comment... it will simply be taken out.

FreeFileSync has been my main sync program for many years. Yes a few years back you might have had to uncheck some payware app, but that has not been the case for more than a year. You should always keep an eye out for that on any software products you install anyways. (its not just the free ones that do this) .

I have found FreeFileSync reliable, fast and accurate. It has the ability to save jobs (.ffs) to a batch file which can be run on demand or scheduled by Windows. It works with USB, SD, Network or local folder(s) that windows can see (I have not tried against a cloud based folder). It provides an easy to click override of the option it selects for each file to be processed. Also, they regularly provide updates for bug fixes and enhancements. current version is 10.7.

I'm retired, and I provide a lot of folks help with their PCs (for free). That often includes setting them up with easy to use on demand ability to save their stuff to USB or network storage. Everyone I set up finds it fast and easy to do.