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So, I get this email this morning from this company I’ve been keeping an eye on because they have an image editor with lots of potential. It seems they’ve gone and created a vector art program while I wasn’t looking (think Adobe Illustrator).
I’ve been enjoying playing around with it today even though I don’t know how to make anything other than boxes and other shapes.

The program is called Raven, and it produces fully scalable vector art that can be used to create logos, t-shirt designs, clip art, and oh yeah, boxes. = )
It has a long list of features and a short list of things that they are working on adding.

You own the full rights to all works you create but Aviary retains a license to display any works you make viewable to the public. Check out the FAQ for information on licenses, permissions and use for detailed information before you save anything that’s important.

Raven is a fun tool that would be great for learning vector art creation without having to buy an expensive program.

Update: All tools at Aviary are now free, including Raven. Paid accounts have been discontinued. :)

Raven Vector Editor

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