Free Virtual Keyboard


Free Virtual Keyboard

Designed with pen computing in mind


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Pros & Cons:

Good looking, resizes well, easy transparency. Great for touch computing.
No assistive functions (scanning etc). Only Western languages available.

Our Review:

Free Virtual Keyboard (FVK) is an OSK that seems to have been designed with pen computing in mind, and should be of good value to people using touch/pen-screens and assistive pointing devices.

From this perspective, FVK is well designed. The OSK presents the standard keyboard layout (minus the arrow keys and number pad) and the keyboard itself resizes really well, with good font resizing.

FVK has a slider control that allows users to alter the OSK transparency from almost 100% opaque to almost 100% transparent. This is a great feature addition - particularly when there is a lack of screen space. One minor point on this; FVK can go very transparent - perhaps too transparent. On occasion it was a little hard to see the almost-invisible slider to make the OSK opaque again.

In comparison with other assistive OSKs, FVK does have some limitations; it doesn't support all languages (in my testing, English and French were auto detected, Japanese was not), and it doesn't offer any hover delay entry or scanning features. Still, when viewed from a pen computing perspective, FVK is worth considering.

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