Free Tool Tests Your Hard Disk Speeds


I was recently faced with a problem on my network.  Copy large files between the 2 local hard disks on my PC was WAY faster than copying the same file across the network to a different PC.  This is obviously to be expected, but before I could start trying to solve the problem I needed a decent diagnostic tool.  Something that would allow me to guage the speed of copying a file between any 2 given drives on my PC or to somewhere else on my LAN.  I could then repeatedly run the tests as I worked through my ideas for resolving the problem, and get meaningful data on whether I was any closer to a resolution.

The diagnostic tool I preferred is something called LAN Speed Test.  Its interface is very simple, and the default generally make sense.  So all you have to do is choose a destination drive, press the Start Test button, and then read off how long the transfer took.  Then change the destination, run the test again, and compare the 2 sets of figures.

The program automatically takes care of clearing any caches, so your system won't have a "head start" the second time you run the program.

LAN Speed Test is portable, a download of less than half a megabyte, and should run on all recent versions of Windows.  You'll find it at to download.  The Lite version, which doesn't include all of the data shown in the screen shot below, is free.  Registering for the full version is $6.  However, for simply comparing the time taken to copy files to multiple destinations, the free edition should suffice.



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