Free Task Bar Replacement Allows You To Colour Your Buttons


If you use Excel, you may be aware that you can change the colours of the worksheet tabs that appear at the bottom of a workbook screen.  Just right-click on a tab, and choose a colour.  And when you're trying to navigate around a collection of spreadsheets, different colours can certainly help you keep track of things.

It's surprising that Microsoft doesn't allow you to change the colours of buttons in the Windows task bar.  However, a free task bar replacement called Task Bow does exactly that.  It runs on Windows 7, is free to download, and is only a 1 MB file.  Once downloaded and installed, you'll see that each entry in your task bar now has a different colour.  These are assigned automatically, but you can also configure specific colours for different programs.

Task Bow also has a number of other novel features, in the way that it allows you to group programs and icons together in a number of useful ways.  All of which can help you keep track of your open apps and files.

Task Bow works like a standard app.  When the program is running (you'll probably want to minimise it), your new task bar is active.  Close Task Bow, and the original Windows task bar returns.  

If the idea of a multicoloured task bar appeals, check out



My thanks to regular contributor "HAN" for this excellent hot find.


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