Free Software Avoids Paper Wastage When Printing Web Pages


It's a problem that's all too familiar.  You find a useful web page and you want to print it.  So you hit the "Print" button in your web browser.  But rather than getting a single printed page that contains just the text you want, you also get 15 other pages that you don't need, containing menus, comments, and other assorted junk. Which costs you real money in wasted paper and ink.

The solution to the problem is a wonderful Windows utility called iPrint.  It installs as a standard printer driver.  When you print to it, you see on-screen thumbnails of each page that is about to be printed.  The software is clever enough to mark all the "wasted" pages for deletion automatically, but a few clicks allows you to change the selections if you want.  Once you're happy that only the correct pages are selected, you can proceed with the actual printing. 

It's a great idea, and it works well.  Check out the video on the web site to see the product in action, or download it and get started straight away.  It's totally free of charge, and the web site you need is

iPrint comes from inzone software, which also makes the excellent Click To Convert product.  This isn't free, but is well worth checking out if you ever want to turn a Word document into a web site.  In just a couple of clicks, even the most complex document becomes a collection of HTML pages, complete with navigation.  It's a great way to avoid having to maintain both Word and web versions of documents, instruction manuals and so on.

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