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Sending files to another person these days is usually as simple as attaching them to an email, but what if the file is a large one?

This article looks at two online services for sending large files which are easy to use, and above all free.

The other criteria I set for these services to meet were:

  • require no registration
  • have acceptable speed
  • have acceptable file size limits
  • have acceptable storage time before automatic deletion
  • have a business model that suggests it will be around for a while


sendspace file upload windowSendspace is an option which according to their FAQ will always offer a free service. No registration is required although users who elect to do so (free) will have access to additional features including the wizard tool (ad free) provided for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The maximum file size with sendspace is 300MB but this will still be large enough for many users. The storage period is limited at 30 days after which files will be deleted if not being downloaded. Otherwise, if a file is downloaded at least once every 30 days it will be kept online indefinitely.  Disk space is unlimited too, as is the number of times a file can be downloaded.

The procedure for using sendspace is the same as that for FileJumbo (JavaScript required).


This second option is maybe best suited to those just looking to send one large file to one recipient without any requirement for storage.

LargeFiles ASAP file upload windowLargeFiles ASAP allows for files up to 2GB to be sent but these will only remain on their server for 72 hours.

Unlike services with permanent upgrade plans, with this one you can select single options like increased speed*, or extended storage times per file during the upload process if you so wish.

Using this service follows the same format as above except the "to" and "from" email addresses must be entered before you can upload a file. The second window displays the file details and allows the upload to proceed, or you can choose from a variety of upgrade options if you wish first.

Once the file transfer is complete, a confirmation window appears and the service notifies your intended recipient by email that you have sent a file for them to download (link included).

*File upload/download speeds in general will depend on local circumstances, mostly governed by the connection plan supplied by your ISP.

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Comments definitely deserves a place in this article. [Uploaded files (up to 2GB) stay available for download for 1 week.]

F*EX (Frams' Fast File EXchange) is a service to send big (large, huge, giant, ...) files from a user A to a user B: Features: * file transfer of virtually unlimited file size * recipient and sender only need an e-mail program and a web browser - of any kind, they do not have to install any software (the F*EX server itself is UNIX based) * RESEND and REGET for resuming after link failures at last sent byte * auto-notification of recipient * auto-deletion after download * auto-deletion after expiration date (default: 5 days) * full-users can create one time upload URLs for foreign users * full-users can create sub-users, who can send only to this full-user * full-users can create groups, an analogy to mailing lists, but for files * admin can allow (internal or external) user self-registration * admin can allow upload to public recipients without authentification * admin can allow upload for LAN users without registration (anonymous upload) * Sending to multiple recipients needs storage on the server only once * F*EX is a HTTP web-service and needs no firewall-tunnels * maintenance-free: no admin interaction necessary besides creating new F*EX accounts * support for streams, too * for real UNIX users, there are the shell programs fexsend and fexget to avoid annoying web browser usage * protocol and source-code free available