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How to remove unwanted line breaks online

Text Fixer bills itself as a website offering free online conversion tools for webmasters and webdevelopers. But someTextFixer resources - including the online line break removal tool - should have a rather broader appeal. This free online service can come in very handy if you want to copy and paste text from a web site, pdf, email or just about anywhere without unwanted line breaks, indents etc.

Other free online tools - such as this eminently simple one from the Simon Fraser University - will also remove line breaks.

And you can also remove line breaks offline with a good portable standalone like AutoUnbreak.

What I particularly like about Text Fixer is that it lets you decide whether to eliminate line breaks only, or remove paragraph breaks as well. It also provides the output in a separate box which can be convenient to check for differences.


More TextFixer features

The TextFixer website also offers a raft of online tools for website development including, most recently, a Word to html converter which can be really helpful for editing web pages.

According to the TextFixer developer :


This website features text and html making, changing, converting, generating tools designed to save you time making web pages or preparing text for web publication or other uses.

If you've ever needed to convert plain text to html paragraphs or alphabetize text then this website can save you from hours of needless manual labor.

I'm trying to cover the most common tasks that someone who works in an office or does freelance web development might encounter.

HTML Tools:
    * Convert Word to HTML
    * Convert Text to HTML
    * Convert CSV Text to HTML Table
    * Compress HTML Code
    * Uncompress HTML (Make Readable)
    * Javascript Pop-up Window Maker

Text Tools:
    * Remove Line Breaks from Text
    * Alphabetize Text
    * Capitalize the First letter of Sentences
    * Remove Whitespaces
    * Uppercase Text or Lowercase Text

    * Common english words list as a csv (Stop Words)
    * List of english contractions
    * Country dropdowns HTML code
    * CSS table styles code
    * 10 Free Background Textures

 Well worth bookmarking...


How to remove unwanted line breaks offline

If you're working offline, handling confidential data, or just prefer to use a standalone program, then AutoUnbreak provides a simple solution. This lightweight, fully portable freeware program has a genuinely helpful interface (IE flash demo here). AutoUnbreak was briefly discussed here along with a couple of other standalone programs for removing unwanted formatting and line breaks from text. AutoUnbreak is a tiny download [229 KB; 261 KB unzipped] and it seems to work fine even on newer Windows platforms like Vista.

Working download link for AutoUnbreak:  Softpedia


For more about removing unwanted linebreaks:

- See Some PDF To Word Converter (in Jojoyee's Best Free PDF Tools review).

- I found this Lockergnome forum page a useful source of information; it links to an article about how to clean up line breaks inside Word.

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