This Free Online Bookmark Organizer Uses Mind-Map Principles


Organizing your web bookmarks or favourites is always a tricky task.  There are so many ways to do it.  Every web browser has a built-in bookmark feature, of course, but none of them is particularly friendly.  And if you store your favourites in your browser, they're not available to you if you're at a different computer.

There are lots of web-based bookmark organizers, for sure, but their layout is not always popular with everyone.

So it's good to see that someone's thought of a different way to produce an online bookmark manager.  The system is called Mind It, and you can access it at  All you need is a web browser, and the service is free to use.  There's an optional browser plug-in available, which is recommended, but in my testing I found that it wasn't totally necessary.

Mind It uses mind-map techniques to organize your bookmarks in a graphical, logical format.  Once you've signed up and created a link map, as it's called, you can start adding bookmarks or headings.  As your link map expands you can drag items around the map to keep everything tidy.  To create a new entry, or edit an existing one, just right-click it.

And because the service is online, you'll never lose your collection of favourites.  Plus, it's accessible from wherever you are.  Which is handy not just for your own personal use, but also if you're setting up demonstrations or seminars and you want to guide your audience through a collection of sites.

Mind It is still in beta, but this is definitely one to check out.




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mindit bookmarking web site is down. there seems to be no information.