Free Offer of a Normally Very Expensive Full-Featured Screen Reader for a PC


Microsoft has just announced an offer of a completely functional and free license of GW Micro's Window-Eyes screen reader. I haven’t tried this software but it seemed worthwhile to pass along this free offer of an application that is normally very expensive with a price of $895.

The only requirement is that you own a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013. The software is said to work for all current versions of Windows and is available in multiple languages. The software is described at this website  and the free download link is on this page. It is a 184 MB file. It seems like a very useful application for anyone with impaired vision or other reason to want a screen reader for a Windows PC.


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Question: I have a consumer with a visual disability who would like to download the GW Micro's Windows-Eyes Screen Reader promoted as a free offer. He has a slow internet connection which cannot support the large download. He asked if the screen reader could be downloaded using our agency computer and put on a CD or flash drive. Is this possible?

You could try downloading and see what happens. The consumer does have to have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office installed.

Before you install then set a check point so you can restore - Got blue screen and couldn't uninstall as it screwed screen sizes. Shame but there ya go !!! Thanks anyway.

Great find and share, Vic. Even though, fortunately, I and nobody I personally know really *needs* such software *right now*, this offers so many features and free add-ons at an $895.00 savings, only a myopic [pun intended] could find cause to complain. At age 19 I didn't plan on wearing the glasses I do now. So, I am stashing away three installations and licenses for me and two friends... just in case.

I installed GW Micro's Window-Eyes screen reader running Office 2003 on Windows 7 Ultimate. You don't need Office 2010 or newer.
It's a CPU heavy program, and it's 32-bit. It reads everything you point at on the screen, message-boxes too. It follows the pointer and is very accurate. It is also telling you what you are doing with the mouse. It's overkill for myopic like me.
For blind or nearly blind persons it must be a very nice program to have. The program is adjusted for a lot of Braile type keyboards, and stuff that a blind person would benefit from. They got to have powerful CPU's to run the program. I used it on a dual core, 2 x 1.9 GHz CPU's havin 8 Gb RAM. No problem with RAM, but the CPU's were busy all the time.
As a bonus I think got a fully working Norwegian speech engine when I uninsulated it. I'm not sure. Has to be tested. There are also speak engines for other languages. As you might know, Windows does not supply speak engines other than English.

Thanks for the useful information. It is interesting to hear that Windows 2003 is sufficient.

Does anyone know if there is a deadline ?
My friend goes to the home/business of a friend (his friend) and does some stuff for him, on his pc
That person could surely use it, but my friend does not visit often.

Thanks for the 'heads up',

Thanks guys.
I don't have Office's later versions
But I will pass your info on to my friend (who too does not have those Office versions).
I am pretty sure that his friend would have Office, so he can then follow your suggestions.


Just download it and save it until you can give it to him. The key appeared during installation- To be sure you could use Revo Uninstaller to install it, write down the key, and then uninstall it from your machine.
There were no mention of any time limit, but better safe than sorry

There doesn't seem to be a deadline to this offer. It will be free for those who have a licensed version of Office.. that's the requirement.

@ David Roper - ROFL


Minor point - it's only free for those who have a licensed copy of Office 2010 or later.

Good deal for those folks.

Personally, i don't have Office because i have no need for it for anything i can't do with free or much cheaper apps (If i needed it, i'd have it, though), but if i DID, i would certainly jump on this offer, if only for the techno-giggle factor.

You know what? If somebody was giving away free fertilizer, there would be someone who complained about its smell.

Excellent Article, thanks for finding it.