Free Multi-function Screen Capture / Image Editor Impresses


Yes this really is impressive.

PicPick is a free utility that combines into one package different functions normally handled by several different programs.  So many in fact it does so much that we had to create a new software category just to accommodate it!

First it is an excellent screen capture utility that provides multiple capture options (including screen scrolling) together with multiple output formats.

Second it is a useful image editor that allows resizing,rotation, sharpness, hue and brightness adjustment and the application of various effects.

Third it provides Microsoft Paint-style features include painting effects, frames, drop shadows, text annotation, various kinds of boxes, circles, arrows, image insertion and more.

Fourth it is pretty useful color picker that allows you to select and describe the color on any part of your screen not just the image currently within PicPick.  You can also select from an in-built palette.

Finally it offers a pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, magnifier and whiteboard.

Not bad eh?  But when you consider that PicPick is a modest 945KB in size and available in portable form then you will understand why we are impressed.

PicPick is free for personal and commercial use though donations are encouraged.

Freeware, Windows 2000-Vista including 64 bit, installed version 1.3MB, portable version 0.9MB.


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