Free Microsoft Windows Security Tool EMET is Upgraded to Version 5.0


Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) has been frequently mentioned here and version 5.0 has just been released. The Microsoft description is at this page. More information and a download link are here. This is a powerful tool for protecting PCs. The Microsoft announcement says:

EMET is a free security mitigation tool designed to help IT Professionals and developers protect against emerging threats targeting vulnerabilities that are either unknown or for which a security update has not yet been applied. It is compatible with the most commonly used third-party applications at home and in the enterprise. EMET effectively works by enabling security mitigations to be applied to applications without the need for recompilation.

According to Microsoft, EMET 5.0  includes a number of new mitigations, expanded compatibility, user friendly UI, and additional reporting capabilities.

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I do have EMET, but I would like to comment on GIZMO'S. I have been on ALOT of sites over the years, but I can honestly say that this tech site makes all the others look like "GIZMO-WANNA-BE'S". You guys have it all...right here on this one web site! What a wealth of info, tech-tips, honest freeware reviews, and so much more. Thank you for being the best site on the internet, especially in this genre. I could spend hours, and still not read all the great articles that is on here. You get no less than a 5 star rating from me!

P.S. Nooo...I'm not related, nor do I know, anyone that works on this site. LOL :)

Thank you for your kind words doniej51 which are very much appreciated. :) MC - Site Manager.

Test post - to see if I can send a post now.
Well, it seems it works now.
Don't know the reason I couldn't post some time a go - but suspect it was the Chrome add-on Ghostery that blocked something, and they have updated their list.

In the recent newsletter (2 August) an update of EMET to version 5.0 was mentioned. This version is apparently bugged: Posted on behalf of member toktok. MC - Site Manager.
The article referred to is about an earlier preview version of EMET 5 that was released months ago, not the latest version.

Have updated to EMET 5.0, and there seems to be no problems now. Microsoft writes in the documentation that there can sometimes be compatibility problems with a few programs, and how to resolve this.

It appears from the accompanying documentation that, with the release of version 5.0, Microsoft have ended EMET's official compatibility with XP, though it does appear to install on such systems (successfully replacing EMET 4.1 Update 1, and earlier versions).

Thanks for noting that. You are right that Microsoft does not include XP in the list of supported systems. However,EMET 4.1 is still available for download.

EMET also works seamlessly, and arguably in-conjunction with, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Free. This seems to be true with EMET 5.0 thus far as far, so good after 3-days.

OK, I've read the accompanying articles, even Demoimedo's tutorial. I'm still left with one fundamental question:
Does EMET replace my anti-virus? Maybe even my firewall?

There are some people who might feel EMET is a sufficient defense but the general answer to your question is that it does not replace antivirus programs.