Free Mail Collector - All Email Accounts in One Place


Mail Collector lets you read and send emails from your multiple email accounts in one place. Easy to set up, no more going through various complicated settings for incoming and outgoing servers.

Mail Collector resides in GMX Mail which you need to sign up if you do not have one. It's free.

Once you have a GMX Mail account, log in and click Mail Collector. It shows you four simple steps to go—just select a provider (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or others) from a pull-down menu, enter an email address and password, click "Continue" with the default setup and "Confirm". That's it. And all mails will start flowing in from that account.


Mail Collector


GMX Mail is provided by GMX (Global Mail Exchange) as a free webmail service, but unlike other services, it features an ad-free interface (at least currently), plus a Mail Collector Wizard.

Besides, you can compose a mail, choose any account (that you have added in the list) to send out from. You can have an Address Book, Organizer and many other features. Have a good try. You might end up using it daily.

"GMX has been able to see its email customer count surge rapidly during the past years and its FreeMail currently hosts about 11 million active users in Germany, Australia, Switzerland and the UK." —Wikipedia.




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I have revived this old thread to see if anyone else has found the same problem as me - and in the hope someone will be able to advise.

I have had a GMX account for several years. Soon after setting it up, I used Mail Collector to fetch my emails from another account (with Yahoo). Later on I revised the setting so that it ceased to collect new emails from that account.

Now I want to resume that mail collection. But when I input the relevant details of the Yahoo account, I get a popup in the GMX page saying "that provider is not supported".

My message to GMX help has generated only an irrelevant and unhelpful automated response.

Has anyone else had problems getting GMX Mail Collector to collect from Yahoo (or indeed other) email accounts?